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I’m so glad when Daddy comes home….

I”m so glad when Daddy comes home, glad as I can be.  Clap my hands and shout for joy and climb upon his knee. Put my arms around his neck, hug him tight like this.  Pat his cheeks and give him what?  A great. BIG. Kiss!  (This is a song my kids learned at church from the time they were little and still occasionally sing to him).

My friend Kelsey posted on facebook that she wanted to see some update pics of my kids, so I’ll share some pics I took last night as my hubby got home from work.  He’s a celebrity when he comes home. They all adore him, which I love.   My boys (at 11 nad 9) don’t come running like they used to.  Fortunately, the baby still does (yes, I will call my 2.5 year old a baby), and every once in a while, my 6 year old will get excited, but mostly for the sake of the little one (she will announce he’s here). I may or may not have had them re-enact the scene I saw originally.  I love the look on their faces.

I love my daughters face/tongue here. I need to remember to take pictures of my family like this, unplanned moments.  The problem is I don’t always have my camera with a card and fresh battery at the ready.  I need to keep that handy.

If you don’t see the updates I do on facebook, I’ve been offering clothing suggestions to people who are sharing a piece of what they have gathered for pictures. It’s been fun!  Do you know what you ar ewearing for your family pictures?  Need help?  And today is my facebook freebie Friday.

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  1. The look on your little girl’s face is priceless. What a sweet moment that you captured & now have forever. I need to do this, mental pictures don’t last near as long. Thanks friend.

  2. Jenny Polson says:

    Love it! She is such a cutie!

  3. I love those pics!

    My twins also think the sun rises and sets when Daddy gets home (mostly, my daughter, but this is how it should be – that’s what I tell myself LOL)

  4. Ohhh she looks so cute and sweet. Very priceless moment between dad and daughter. I could already imagine him looking at this photo when his little girl gets married someday. :)