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I’m going to SNAP!, are you?

I’m so happy to officially share that I will be a speaker at SNAP, a blogging conference in April!

When I excitedly told my hubby about it, he kinda laughed.  He doesn’t quite get the blogging thing.  Since I know that, I couldn’t really be hurt by it. But maybe I was just a tad bit.  It’s a big deal, and I am honored.

There is a super amazing line up of speakers.  Here is a little screen shot of the speakers surrounding me in alphabetical order:  

When I am not doing my portion, it will be hard to select who to listen to…and maybe worried that I will not have a good turnout to mine if someone else  fantastic is going at the same time. Do you wanna come?  Sit in on my class?  Chit chat about photography, SEO, & blogedity blogginess?  Come party in my room and jump on the bed until wee hours in the morning?  My roommate Lorie will not mind if you do;)

My friend Amy at The Idea Room is helping to head up the whole conference, along with a few gals I met last May, Char & Shelley.  Also super excited to chat with Jen who was too sick for our get together lunch last spring when I popped into town.

High on my list to listen to is:

Ana from (formerly Knock Off Wood)

Becki from Whippy Cake (fancy hair accessories)

Mandi from Vintage Revivals (we “met” online when we competed in Crafting with the Stars together a year ago–she is so fun!)

And so many other fun bloggers–some I’d never heard of!

Purchase your ticket to the conference for $200 through this Friday January 20th, it goes up to $250 after that!  It will be in the Salt Lake City, Utah area at Thanksgiving Point–and that place is heaven in the springtime–tulips galore.


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  1. That is the most exciting news I have heard all day, congrats friend! I sure wish I were going, it just doesn’t look it this year though, darn it. You will do an awesome job though! Wahoo!

  2. Can’t wait to meet you in person at the Conference! Thanks for the heads up on it and the push I needed to sign up!

  3. Wish it were closer to me, I would love to go!

  4. Awesome for you and those who get to attend!

  5. How EXCITING!!! I wish I could come hear you and the whole line up at the conference! I think my sister in law in utah has gone to these. Can’t wait to tell her I KNOW one of the speakers!

  6. How%20EXCITING!!!%20I%20wish%20I%20could%20come%20hear%20you%20and%20the%20whole%20line%20up%20at%20the%20conference!%20%20I%20think%20my%20sister%20in%20law%20in%20utah%20has%20gone%20to%20these.%20Can’t%20wait%20to%20tell%20her%20I%20KNOW%20one%20of%20the%20speakers!%20

  7. I think it is awesome you get to do this, and not surprising at all. You are talented, successful and FUN! :) have a great time!

  8. So excited for you!

  9. That is really exciting…congrats!!!


  11. Just googled ‘who is going to SNAP!’ and found you!! I can’t wait to meet you! Count me in for jumping on the bed ;)