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I’m back! Did you know I left?

 I was out on a little extended weekend trip with my fam at a lakehouse north of Houston.  Nice getaway!  Pictures to come.  I was viewing my new site on my brother’s laptop and it took FOREVER to load the images as well as the rotating header on top.  Is it like that for others?  Kinda bugged me, but maybe I should load my images in a thumbnail type gallery in each post, but I love to just have them individually to easier view them.   Any thoughts or suggestions?  I am already sizing them small. 

Also, not sure why some are having trouble with the follow or RSS, I am kinda clueless about those things.  Another question I have is when you leave a comment, do you have to type your email, name, etc each time you leave a comment, or are you remembered on your computer after the first time?  I remember that being annoying on other blogs.  Trying to figure out how to turn off comment moderation.

Thanks for those following me, I need to organize the comments and select winners and will do so by tomorrow.  I think I will select 5 winners. 

 I’ve got lots to post including my trip and a few sponsers’ items I’ve recently photographed.  Fun stuff!  By the way…did anyone notice that I am wearing the same yellow flower clip in my hair in my “girlies” post as my baby is in the “quilt” post?  I just noticed that and got a little giggle. 

Here is  one shot of our trip so I don’t have a post without pictures:)

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  1. It remembered my information in the comment info after the first time.

    Also, I still have to pick a photo from you. I want my hubby to help so we’ll sit down tonight and look and I will email you.

  2. The header on this page loads just fine for me… maybe your brothers connection is slow?

    and as far as comments go- my computer sorta remembers me. When I start to type it comes up, so I dont have to do the whole thing.

    Hope you had a fabulous get away with the fam!

    I am a new follower and am loving your photos. :)

  3. oh- I guess I hadnt commented here before- now it remembers my stuff and I dont have to type it in! yay!

  4. It remembered me too!! The site doesn’t load slow for me either. And I, like Allison, have to pick out a picture too, I will do that this week and email you hopefully!!

  5. The site doesn’t load slow for me and ,yes, it remembered me. I, too, get annoyed at sites where I have to put my info in every time! It took a few tries to get the “following” to work, but it’s working great now. Can’t wait to see your pics!

  6. it remembers my name for future comments. and the header loads just fine. can’t figure out the RSS feed thing, though. (but i am kind of technically challenged). beautiful sunset pic!!