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I like to make new friends wherever I go

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  This post has nothing to do with the holiday, but you can get some ideas from my St. Patty’s Day Pinterest Board if you still need some!

I wanted to share a pic, and introduce you to my new friends I met on the airplane home from Baltimore the other day.  My friends like to say that upon meeting someone, I pepper them with my standard list of 20 questions.  Where do you live? What do you do? Where did you grow up? Where have you traveled?  How many siblings? Married? Kids? And a handful of other questions that generally spin off from those.  I LOVE learning people’s life stories. One of my favorite quotes ever is, “Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  Honestly, I want to know those “hard battle” stories.  I want to know the stories that mold and shape a human’s life, to see what makes them tick and understand more than just the surface information. I’ve always loved flying on airplanes, because you never know what you are going to get with a seat partner. I sat with my boys on the flight up, and chatted with them while my hubby sat alone and read his book.  So on the flight home, I sat alone (across the aisle) from my hubby and boys on the flight home. I had my magazine all ready to dive into, when Emmai (in the middle) sat inbetween Daniel and I and said, “I promise to not talk your ear off.”  My hubby and I laughed later when we agreed that with a statement like that, we know we’ve got a talker.  But I like that;)

Emmai is a videographer/kindergarten teacher/educational hip hop interventionist from Pittsburgh who had never been to Texas before (shocking). He’s never even been out of the country before.
Daniel is a photo booth owner/consulatant/world traveler from Lousiville. Both of them flying into Austin, who happened to be sitting by a housewife/photographer/mommy blogger who lives in Austin and has never been to the South by Southwest gathering they were flying in for. We flew from Baltimore to Atlanta, stayed on the same Southwest plane, and then onto Austin. About 5 hours of quality time together.

We all had the photography/entraprenural perspective, and shared ideas and nudged a little along.

Emmai, being in the middle and the tallest of the 3 of us (not to mention quite the chatty individual) led most of our conversations, and often encouraged fist bumps and high fives…depending on his mood. He runs Ya Momz  House, LLC which is a state of the art, Emmy winning recording studio for music and filmography in Pittsburgh. He was headed to South by Southwest with his artist crew (5 or 6 others spread out on the flight) sponsored by MTV to document the events. We talked prime lenses, Canon bodies, depth of field, ISO, aperture, etc. He might have teased me that I still use the dinosaur Canon 5D and Photoshop CS2, and maybe even more that I’m no a Mac user or on twitter.  I had to add in a little extra shock value that I just got a smart phone and we don’t have cable at home. That was fun. He showed me some video he has shot, and I showed him some images I took on my trip.  We were mutually impressed. Video editing intimidates me, so it was great to chat about that.

Daniel runs a Photo booth business called Magnolia Photo booth or MAGBOOTH. I love love love this idea and wish I had a photo booth at my wedding! Along with the booth rental for varying events comes an album of all the images taken in the booth during the event.  SO cool!  They are in select cities right now: Louisville, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, San Fransisco, and Denver. Look them up if you are in one of those cities! He is a world traveler, going for consulting business to Ireland and visiting family in France and China. I also inquired about Alaska, since it’s in my summer plans. It was interesting to hear how he started the company with a buddy, and that it is quickly growing.

I left our meeting with a plan to figure out twitter better, and use it.  At least sometimes…;)

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  1. Norman hill says:

    So, it looks like no photo booth in Houston yet? Interested? And how about other new ideas to try out? I love your openness to new people and new ideas!

  2. I love meeting people on plans! Sounds like some great conversations with these two gentlemen.

  3. Norman hill says:

    Hope you go to s x sw if schedule permits. I like outdoor coverts.

  4. Very cool guys. That photo booth business is fantastic!