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Hussle and bustle

Amidst the running around during the holiday season, I like to take time to do some fun things along the way.  I hosted my book clubs holiday party and we exchanged tacky ornaments. I decided the next day to host a lunch amongst a few other friends (my house was already cleaned to perfection, so seemed like a good idea) and serve my famous zucchini soup.  I was married in December, so I have some great holiday dishes that I like to pull out every year that were given as wedding gifts. Then, the next day, I was on the committee to put together our church Christmas breakfast.  3 days in a row of true hussle and bustling. But it was all worth it and so much fun!


Friday: I got these cute Christmas trees at Walgreens for $1 (they also had green and red).  Gave as gifts.

Saturday:  My van full of stuff for the church party, my hubbys car was also full to the brim.

My oldest didn’t really want to talk to Santa, but he thought he’d humor everyone.

double the fun…

Saturday afternoon, we went to my neighbor Naomi’s church to watch her sing as Mary in a musical production they put on.  She has an amazing voice, and it was such a treat to enjoy.

 I’ve got a few holdays recipes to share coming up…

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  1. my book group did a white elephant book exchange – so fun!

  2. Love those little trees! So cute!

  3. Love%20those%20little%20trees!%20%20So%20cute!

  4. you are busy busy. I really need to try and get a book club together or join one. I love reading!

    on another note.. I loved getting your Christmas card in the mail!! :) Thank you for sending one!

  5. Love the little trees & I’ve been sitting here thinking if I had any last minute gifts to give!

    Looks like you’ve been having fun! =)

  6. What a busy lady you are! I am so impressed! PS you totally have to email me that picture of the boys! You captured the perfect moment! I will look back and remember them exactly that way! =-)