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Dressing fashionably~from a teens perspective

*Welcome Bailey!

Let me first begin with the simple fact that I am completely honored to be writing on this blog. I think Kristen Duke is absolutely fantastic. Truly fantastic, she’s like a mom version of me! (Or what I hope to be like.) My name is Bailey, I am 17 and a senior at Round Rock High School.  Anyhow. The focus. Clothing. Specifically, taking things we already have and giving them a second look.

Here’s the first scene:  My friend and I went to Chicago and we had a fun “night on the town.” We got dinner and dessert and returned home to bundle up and watch The Notebook. I wanted to go for a casual chic look.  Here’s what I came up with…

Every great outfit starts with a great pair of jeans. Preferably dark wash. Dark wash jeans are the best ever, let me tell you. They are sliming, they look fabulous with a t-shirt or a button down. They’re a wardrobe must have. This shirt was a great find from H&M and man do I love it! These are the kind of shirts you buy on sale at Target. Cheap and cute. Tuck it in. Throw any color belt on. Kick it up a notch and add those heels, they really do make a huge difference in the appearance of an outfit. Then there’s jewelry. Don’t skip jewelry! This is the icing on the cake. The cherry on top. The Finisher. Like dark jeans, jewelry is essential. And pearl jewelry. Oh pearls, how I love pearls (fake pearls, obviously. But real ones are good too!) Then the hair, my philosophy on hair is natural. Toss it around, hairspray it and pin a few pieces back and rock it. Casual chic is the best outfit style ever! Because it’s so simple and you look like you have spent time on your “ever so stylish attire.”

Scene number two: The wonderful K.Duke gave me the joyous opportunity to go on a downtown extravaganza. Here we are at the tile wall in downtown Austin:

I really wanted to go to this tile wall. (And was thrilled when Kristen happily agreed!) I think that we can all agree that the wall is busy with colors? In my 17 year old mind I thought “I should definitely wear something simple to bring the focus on me.” (Cause that’s what 17 year olds think about.) Mustard yellow against a blue wall? Yeah, I still wanted the focus. So let’s talk about the shirt. It’s a cream, eyelet lace top. Because of the simplicity in the skirt, I wanted to have some hidden detail. So the shirt offered a perfect outlet for that. And I went very light on the jewelry: a few small bangles, pearl earrings, and a small colorful necklace. The shoes are a short, funny story, I forgot shoes. Luckily, these bad boys looked great! The black was a great definer against the lovely blue. Most importantly, when you smile and have confidence in what you are wearing, it shows.

Scene number three: Everyday wear and tear. I think that skirts are the greatest things ever invented by man. Apart from, AC and ice cream.  (I’m actually I don’t know if skirts were invented by man or woman?) Anyhow, this is another day at school.

Stripes are awesome. I really like stripes recently, some say it’s a fad. I think it’s great. Stripes are also tricky. I believe stripes are best worn with neutral colors. This takes away from the fact that you are wearing stripes. Don’t get me wrong, they are fabulous when you find the right piece. I wore a cream cardigan and buttoned it up all the way. I forget about cardigans as shirts. They aren’t just jackets, but buttoned up and with a tank under, they are shirts. It’s an awesome realization. The big brown belt was to keep the colors from clashing and with a simple watch, you’re complete!

Man, this takes a lot of work. I have a whole new respect for Kristen now. This took a total of 2 hours and I am still thinking how do you do this every day? When do you have time to brush your hair and eat a cookie? Dedication dude. I really do love clothing. It’s a weakness of mine and was seriously thrilled when I was asked to talk about it. Who knows, maybe someday I will be a self-claimed blogger with ambitions. Until then, I’m going to brush my hair and eat a cookie.

*Lets hear it for Bailey! Now give her a little blog love…

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  1. Sherron Kendrick says:

    Oh Miss Bailey. You are darling and we miss you in Houston!

  2. I love this girly’s sense of style!! She is a beauty both inwardly and outwardly. Great tips!

  3. So cute. I love me some fashion tips. And I am with you on the skirt thing, I wear a skirt nearly every day during the summer!

  4. Natalie says:

    Bailey, are you really only 17? So mature, so cute. Thanks for the tips. You’re on your way to being a cool mom just like Kris. ;)

  5. Kristen, I’m catching up on your blog after being gone on the road a few wks with my family, myself. Looks like you had a fun-filled trip! and Bailey did a GREAT job here!

  6. Such a great post and very well written!