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Hooray, it’s my birthday! 33 on 7-7-11

 It’s no secret to those who know me well that I am a BIG fan of my birthday.  It’s the one day that is all mine, and I’m grateful the people in my life help me to feel extra special by acknowledging this fact. Call me selfish, but I like it and I like to party all week day. I just like to hear the words…July 7th.  I’ll turn on the Today Show or something just to hear, “good morning, today is July 7th” and it makes me smile.  My daughter was due on July 1st, and I was quite sad about the idea of sharing my birthday month…luckily, she was born in June so we each have our own month!  I’m sad that my hubby has to share not only a month with my son, but a 24 hour period, so I work extra hard to give him proper attention, even with our sons bday the next day.  Do you see why I’m not so happy to share the week with July 4th?  Most people use that day off from work as a reason to vacation, and are often gone on my bday.  I will now share with you some past birthday pics in my life.

So far, I have never been sad to actually turn older.  When I turned 30, I wasjust a teensy sad to leave behind that precious “29.”  I had just lost a bunch of baby weight, and had my photographer friend, Mariel, take some pics of me at 29 so I could freeze that age in time.  More here.

Also for my 30th, my friend Linda(who moved away a few years before) mailed me a HUGE package with 30 little gifts to open up each day leading up to my birthday.

That year, I also went dancing with my with my sisters in law.

I think us moms aren’t sure what to think of our birthdays.  We do the whole shebang for everyone in our families, and we don’t want to be selfish and expect too much and often we do expect too much and get let down. I often hear women say it isn’t a big deal that its their birthday, and I say “uh-uh, no way” and insist that something fun is done.  I like to take treats, small gifts, organize a dinner out, whatever for my good friends.  It just needs to be celebrated, even in a small way.  Everyone needs to feels special on their birthdays, not just little kids.

So when I mentioned to a friend and my hubby (independantly) that this year I just wanted to lay low and chill, there was shock and awe and maybe a dropping of the jaw.  They felt my head to make sure I wasn’t warm, checked my pulse, looked deep into my eyes.  I thought…really…its no big deal.  For the first time, I sorta believed it. Expect a little then you won’t be let down, right?  Well, I consented to a minor celebratory event, and I believe I will enjoy the day after all.

This morning, I will do my favorite activity with my kids that has become a tradition on my birthday.  Take them to a toy store and let them pick out something for themselves.  Seems odd, but on your birthday you should experience  joy, right?  Well, I have to be a firm parent all year long, not giving in to requests for toys at the store, having them save up for that special something they want, use their own money at the cash register.  Thats the responsible way, after all.  Well, on my birthday, my delight is their delight, and I let them pick out a little something for themselves…I let go of those parenting rules as a gift to myself.  Within reason, of course.

My 3rd birthday

For my 7th birthday, my mom made me a cabbage patch doll

My 12th bday we were at Disney World

My 15th bday, my friends Cassidy and Natalie kidnapped me and took me to breakfast.

My 18th birthday with my brother (remember the Doctor?) and I got dressed up to go to IHOP.

My 20th bday, my friend Emily baked me a cake.

My 21st bday I chatted long distance with my future husband on the phone.  Do you see the glow?  I might add that the massive bow in my hair was the packaging from a present, not how I did my hair that day.

My 22nd birthday, first married birthday.  We were driving from California to Delaware and landed somewhere in Ohio along the way.  Hubby woke at 4am to blow up balloons for me to wake up to.

My 24th with my oldest son.  We were in Denver that summer.

My 25th with my former college roommates Hali & Abbi.  In Utah for a family reunion and my sis in law Jen (on left at table) had a party for me and invited my roomies.

Same bday, I just love the sleeping baby on my shoulder.  My #2.

The candle tells you, this is my 28th. I love this shot.  Every inch of it.

Same year?  With friends Linda (before she moved away) and Candida.

My 29th I was in Puerto Rico at my brothers home.  07/07/07 (can you see it on the mirror?)

For my 30th, my friends Stacy and Jessica decorated my lawn in the early morning.

So to those of you that think birthdays aren’t that big of a deal, go out and do something nice for someone on their birthday and see if it seems to be a big deal.  I bet your bottom dollar, it will make them feel special. We should be kind throughout the year, but birthdays…they are just a day to tell the people in your life that you are grateful for them.  People need to not only hear “Happy Birthday” but how they have had an affect in your life.  This is my birthday wish to spread the birthday love throughout this year to those that mean the most to you;)

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  1. Happy Birthday! I love that you love your birthday! Love seeing all the flash back pictures. Hope your day is amazing!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Love looking at all of your past birthdays! Hope today is fabulous!

  3. Happy Birthday! Mine was/is July 2nd and I have the very same feelings about my Birthday. It’s all about ME! I also am not a huge fan of the 4th. Not only are the patriotic gifts a little annoying I always tell people that my birthday felt kind of forgotten. Maybe that’s why we make such a big deal of our special day?! :)

  4. brooke schaefer says:

    Happy birthday!!!! I love the first picture! So cute. Thanks for inspiring me to learn and grow.

  5. Sarah Cox says:

    Happy Birthday! I couldn’t agree more about how we expect something and then get let down. My Husband is the worst at holidays and birthdays. Sometimes he forgets to even say Happy Birthday. And My son’s birthday is 2 days before mine so usually all of the birthday stuff is for him. So, this year I have decided to throw myself a party. I want to decorate cute and girly and have a few of my best friends over for a bbq in our newly finished backyard. I want to use cute dishes and a table scape and there MUST be twinkle lights and mason jars with candles hanging from the trees!
    Hope you have a great day and celebrate it well!

  6. Hope you have a great day! I’ll be thinking of you!

  7. Cari Rosenbaum says:

    I love your article!! As a mom I have always felt like it was selfish to worry about my birthday when my kids are the important ones. Thanks for reminding me that I am important too. Next year I will celebrate my birthday with gusto!!

  8. Enjoy YOUR day!

  9. Happy birthday!! I hope you have fun, adding wonderful memories to these, and celebrating the beauty of your life, your journey, YOU!!

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m so glad to hear somebody else being honest about enjoying their birthdays. Not that I like getting older, but I love celebrating with “my” kids – one of the perks of being a first grade teacher means that there are always a bunch of kids really excited about the fact that it’s your birthday!

  11. Yay for birthdays! I hope you’ve had a great day!!!

  12. Rachelle says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Love the confetti pic :-)

  13. One of the things I love so much about you–I love that you love your birthday! Just as I get excited when the clock says 8:20, I will be thinking of you this month whenever the clock says 7:07!

  14. Hey Kristen. Hope you had a fabulous birthday.

    My twins share a birthday with you and they are super-special too :)

    They were two on Thursday.

    I love your passion and spirit about celebrating birthdays – rock on!