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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I LOVE holidays!  I love making the most of them through fun food, colorful decorations, and bringing a smile to my kids’ faces in any way I can. Mission accomplished this morning with balloons, heart pancakes, and a trail of chocolates leading my kids to a festive table.  I am a big believer that having traditions with our family gives children a sense of stability and security that will benefit them in life and bond our family with closeness.  That is one of my main goals in life–to have a family who loves to be around each other. What better time to have traditions than around holidays?  (This comes naturally to me, whereas playing legos with my boys doesn’t.  I try not to beat myself up on the things I don’t do well and overly emphasis the things I love to do, like holidays).  I often do balloons for Valentine’s day because I love balloons myself and really, don’t they just put a smile on anyones face? Sidenote:  Did you know that buying balloons at party city and asking them to put “hi float” inside for a little extra, they will last an ENTIRE week!  I bought these balloons Saturday night and they will be enjoyed all week.  Love that!

We did our “heart attack” last Monday for FHE, we each wrote something we loved about each family member and put them on the kitchen cabinets.  Cute decor, kind words, love all around. Got the idea from Shawni.  Her blog is one of my favorites for mothering inspiration and enjoying the journey.  She also has great photography. I don’t know her personally, but I wish I did.

I have LOVED all the Valentine’s ideas out there in blogland.  Found this idea over the weekend from a linky party at  Be Different…Act Normal.  To see more specifics on how to make these pancakes, click on over to Random thoughts of a Supermom for her step by step.

Above:  The baby is still asleep, but the big kids (though sorta groggy) are happy (success)!  Rewind to Sunday afternoon (below) as we were all finishing up our Valentine’s.  On Friday, we still didn’t know what we were doing.  My boys weren’t loving a lot of ideas I was showing them and I found out that our school we can’t have homemade food.  SO….when I showed them the sucker idea that I posted on The Idea Room last week via Eighteen25, they all got excited!

Notice above what the baby is eyeing…..

She wanted a fistful of suckers and I said no.  Can you believe my mean-ness? Love this shot;)

The finished Valentine’s.  Whew, it was time intensive to do 3 batches of this.  Below is the photoshop version, then I had the kids sign their names and put their classmates’ names, too.  The boys were excited about the idea, I hope it comes across well, because they want it to be “cool.”  I think the idea can be taken either way. I debated puting my biz name on them, but did it in the end.  Still wonder if I should have…but it is a creation of my biz, and we are new to the school, so I did.

Back to this morning, the baby woke up and quickly discovered the trail of candy.

And the big kids had fun showing her the balloons.

 After walking them to school, and quickly posting this, baby and I get to go to 3 Valentine’s parties today (during naptime) and I need to finish up my gift to my hubby.  After all, he is my true Valentine.  Our dinner tonight will be heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s (I can’t do it all, my friend).  Hope you have a great day!

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. how fun! kudos to you for making it such a special day for your family!

    i checked out shawni’s blog…and guess who is one of her sisters-in-law? Kristi Monson! (Sean’s little sis) What a fun surprise!

    p.s. you have such a happy, upbeat attitude and I hope you know it is GREATLY appreciated and is so uplifting to me! xoxo

  2. you are such an amazing momma! =-)

  3. LOVING it! my heart panackes did not turn out (i did them in heart shapes rather than how you did), but we had bright pink regular pancakes! and pink scrambled eggs. lol. On valentines plates from target. I LOVE LOVE LOVE valentines day!!

    heres a post about my home decor- :)

  4. What a fun day. Great tip on those balloons! And your Valentines and those pancakes…so cute! I have been seeing your photos and your e-book around and finally got a chance to hop over – I must buy that e-book…if you visit my blog don’t look too hard at the photos!
    504 Main

  5. How beautiful it all is!

    LOVE the baby’s face. I thought I was the only mean mom who doesn’t allow sweeties :)

    And I love that you posted the screaming pic – too cute :)

  6. love this post! the balloons, the candy trail, the pancakes,the valentine’s, the heart attack, but my favorite is Cali’s face!! priceless! you are such a fun mom!

  7. I just wrote a blog post for sucker valentines (going live tomorrow) and my son had the same reaction….too funny! I’m definitely going to have to make those pancakes…too cute!
    Erin @ Strawberry Mommycakes recently posted..Crock Pot BBQ Brisket and GritsMy Profile


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