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Happy New Year!

Early New Years morning I did a photo shoot with a fun family, but they have requested to not be on the blog at this point. But I’m feeling antsy to post something. I dug into my archives and wanted to show some shots from my trip to California last summer. Just after that trip I got a new computer and therefore, didn’t get around to posting much.

It was a fun trip photographing with my husbands’ 2 sisters, who are new to dSLR’s and sharing tips with them.

My goal for the trip was to practice silhouette’s. Here is one I took with the birds that I liked.
With the girls, once we found a good setting, we all got on the same setting. Julie and Karen both have the passion, and are becoming great photographers.

Here are 2 that they took (I can’t remember which one took these or both) of my daughter and I that I love:

and one of the family:
I shared some that I took HERE of a family, but these are some that I took of the things I saw. Lemon tree in my in-laws backyard.

Lone strawberry in a strawberry field that we picked in…
My hubby going to surf for the first time.

And Julie took this of my family:

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  1. Yay I’m glad you posted these!

  2. Melanie Reyes says:

    oh man I’m loving those silhouette family/mother daughter shots!!!!! beautiful!

  3. Great silloette shots! Also digging the toes in the sand shot.

  4. Wendy Abel says:

    I love the mom/daughter and family silhouettes, too, (BEAUTIFUL!!!) as well as the family feet in the sand shot!

  5. Just making my way to this blog after a while. But it was fun to see these! Thanks for posting them!