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Happy New Year!

I love the freshness January brings…the desire to do something more, be better. I have several new ideas for this blog. I’ll still post sneak peeks from each session, and I’ll try to include details and such so you can get a feel for how it is for me as the photographer. It will be difficult, because I am talking about clients and they will be reading it:) I’ve tried in the past, but I worry that I’ll say, “this guy was so cute and so fun” and then the next session feel like I have to say just as positive but in a different way. So I’ll try!

I also had a thought to share some tutorials, tricks that I have learned through my photography. Some photographers might not want to share their “secrets” but I am more than happy to help others out. I know how frustrating it can be to have purchased a “nice” camera and not get the results you were expecting. So many people are buying the DSLR’s now because they are more affordable. Unfortunately, that isn’t all it takes to continuously get great results. Soooooo…with that being said, I hope to be able to teach some things that have helped me out.

My last goal for this blog is to post a “creative shot” once a week. So add this blog to your checklist, and hopefully I’ll follow through and make this fun. Please feel free to post questions in the comments sections or tell me your thoughts, and pass this blog along to any friends with photography interests or just want to get better shots. Or you can also email me at

I’ll start with a landscape picture I took in Puerto Rico last summer. I’m going to try to actually take the picture the week I post it, but I’m going from a list and this week says, “free for all.” I’m doing this challenge with other photographers and we each post from the same theme each week. Click here to see other photographers participating in the challenge. I’m also adding it to my sidebar.

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  1. i am really excited about the tips! i always want to know them, but i don’t even know what to ask. so bring them on! teach me, teach me!