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Happy Halloween!

I thought I’d share some fun pics from Halloween’s past as well as my home decor today and some decorating with Halloween pictures ideas.  For halloween this year, I found some funky eyelashes to go with my peacock costume, and I think I’ll just have to have cool eyelashes every year for halloween…they rock!  So many young children  just stared at me as I walked around with them…

{taken with my cell phone and edited with Instagram}

I was Miss Peacock and my hubby was Colonel Mustard for a Halloween Party.

a little glimpse at my decor (love the look on my sons face;)

Here we are last year as a cupcake and dunkin’ donut:

Some from years past:


Expecting our first:


A few years later:

another few years:

Some of my favorite family shots through the years:

Using my garage as my backdrop:

 last year…

I love the shot below of my oldest and youngest:

I used this example in the first edition of my book because my hubby is in focus with a low aperture while the rest of us our out of focus! But its the only family she we have of last year and I love it anyway…

In the pic above, my 2nd son was SO excited to be a Ninja Turtle…then some (punk) kid at the neighborhood party called it “baby-ish” and it bugged him enough to want to change the costume for our church party.  It broke my heart, but we crafted a sword out of carboard and tin foil and he proudly rocked the next costume!

Below are pics of me and my babies (but can’t seem to locate one of me and my older daughter)

 the shot below is my first Halloween as a mom…I look SO young…I was 23.




I have this framed pic of my hubby and I when WE were kids!  I’m so grateful that even though we had lots of siblings, our parents got individual shots of us in our Halloween costumes.  Not to self:  take pics of your kids individually for Halloween. I need that reminder myself!

And look…we’re both super hero’s!  The middle image, I used a pattern piece from Sprik Space (lots of free printables) to make a simple pattern behind the Happy Halloween text.

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween and enjoyed a little of my walk down memory lane!

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  1. Very cute pictures and I think you totally rock the eyelashes and peacock costume!! Happy Halloween!

  2. Very nice costumes! Peacock feathers costumes for halloween are getting more popular each year.