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Happy December!!!

I am so excited that almost all of my Christmas decorations are up and it’s just December 1st!  We are going on Friday to cut down our Christmas tree, so I will be sure to share more pictures once we have decked ALL of our halls.  Here is just a snippet of our mantle.  Being in a new home, I’ve had to figure out where to put everything.  Luckily, my sis in law Alayna helped me quite a bit last weekend.

 I don’t decorate with red at all, so it was fun to throw it in there with my green armoire. I spray painted a frame (that was a dull gold I never liked) for the subway art.  I got the design free from eighteen25 along with the tutorial for the 3 glitter trees I made.  They originally had turquoise in the color scheme (which I LOVED) but I am traditional Christmas colors over here.  I changed to grey (trying to do silver) and diff. shade of green in photoshop.  I love the statement of the red frame.  I like bold.  I also needed a little lift to my leaning frame to cover up the plugs on the wall above the matle, so put them on top of spools of ribbon, which add a nice texture underneath.

Red suitcases I placed there just b/c they are red and I’ve never used them…the red basket is filled with Christmas books.  Kids Little People nativity on hearth, with a few snowmen and JOY next to it.  LOTS of “joy” decor in this house.

My stockings, I am working on.  My mom helped me make the 3 for my kids 2 years ago, and I need to make 3 more.  Hubby and I got stockings as a wedding gift that are….not my style, so I decided I want ones similar to the kids. I got them pre-threaded at the edges at Michael’s a few years ago, and got the idea for the stripes and circles from the crate and barrel catalog about 5 years ago.  THIS was taped to a wall in my craft closet for several years before I did anything about it:

 Happy first of December! I’ve got so many fun things planned for this month, I will try my best to document and share them with you lovely readers;)

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  1. Look at you with your print (did you change the colors? I wish I would have thought of that!) and glitter trees!

    I have my print, but am still looking for a frame. I love Christmas decorations, but am seriously thinking that after this year I am going to have to stay home for Christmas and enjoy them.

  2. Those are awesome! great job Kristen!!!

  3. love it. thank you for volunteering to fly out to michigan to decorate my ghetto student apartment as cute as your house! that was SO sweet of you! :)

    miss you!