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Handmade dresses for my girls

I love handmade clothing. Mostly because it is unique and no one else around will have it.  When my sister in law (husbands brother’s wife) offered to make something for my girls, I told her I had a stash of fabric that I had planned to do something with, that she could use.  I then searched all over online to find some cute ideas, and told her what I wanted. I photographed her family last summer, and she wanted to share her skills with me–I am so grateful! She wanted to see pics, so last Sunday when my girls wore them to church, I snapped a bunch of them in my foyer (with the front door open–lovely light).  I narrowed them down to these faves:

It was pretty much impossible to get the timing right with the two of them….

They’ve become fairly willing models for me…;)

{Stay tuned for another post this afternoon on a deal I want to make with you…my friendly readers.}

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  1. In that second last photo, your oldest daughter has a look on her face just like I’ve seen on you! Cute dresses!

  2. These are darling. Having my children match for church is one of those things… I’m trying to let go as they get older, but the more children I have the more compelled I am to color coordinate! It is an illness. I love the dresses and the sweet smiles. They look like they love each other. :)

  3. I just can’t believe how big they are!! and the clothes are fun and beautiful!

  4. Ah! They look so great! Thanks for the pics!

  5. Those are so so cute!! I love Cali’s dress with the flower belt. :)

  6. Lovely! The second one is absolutely adorable!

  7. they are so cute! How fun to have 2 girl. and A looks just like you when she stands like that :)

  8. Love the piggy back one, too sweet!

  9. Precious photos of the girls and their unique dresses. My favorite is the last one of the piggy-back sisters…so “real life” with children.

  10. Very cute dresses and models!

  11. Your girls are so cute! Love the flared sleeved on the little ones dress.