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Halloween Fun!

I have had so much fun crafting new halloween decorations the past few weeks.  I love getting the house all decked out, and I wanted to share some of the things I’ve made.

A paper banner that says Trick or Treat

Our family of feet ghosts… 

Then we’ve had some yummy halloween themed foods:

Homemade pumpkin bread bowls–found the recipe from The Idea Room


We started a “boo” for our church congregation. It was fun to see that people caught on and boo’ed others, and we even got boo’ed back:) 

Since Halloween is on Sunday this year, we won’t be out trick or treating, but we are getting together with a few families to have a festive halloween meal.  Luckily the 2 nights before Halloween, they are basically trick or treating at a church party and neighborhood party. I got way too many shots of my cute little lady bug.  Not a very original costume, but I’ve wanted a ladybug for a long time. 

Here are a handful of pics from those events:

2 ladybug girls above…

My oldest thought he was too old to dress up, but was happy to wear this shirt…

My daughter, the witch with the orange hair…

My 2nd son was a ninja turtle one night, and upon kids saying it was “baby-ish” he decided he wanted to be a man with a sword–which became Zorro?  He got a cape, boots, and bandana out of the costume bucket and I was pleased that he liked the cardboard sword I covered with tin foil.

I do love that ladybug…and her handsome daddy.

 I did not make the above treats, but I partook of them and enjoyed them.  I love sugar cookies and yummy cupcakes. 

Below, my bro and his wife came into town and brought my cute little nephew, the leopard.

I do love my baby ladybug.

Below…its blurry, but its all of us…

 Happy Halloween!!!

P.S. Vote Sunday and Monday at Sew Dang Cute for crafting with the stars Round 2 projects!  You’ll just have to guess which one is mine by its’ cuteness:)

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  1. thats the cutest lady bug I have ever seen!!!

  2. love Halloween…love the Boo idea!

  3. love all of the halloween food, crafts and pictures!! I may have to steal your halloween feet idea for next year- really cute! oh and those boo treats look awfully familiar:)

  4. Your hair is getting SO LONG! Wow! That was a surprise!

  5. tricia dunlap says:

    you are so darn creative!!! loved seeing you and the family the other afternoon!
    LOVE Katie’s photo you posted!!

  6. Love those socks man! Cute paper banner too! :)