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Half marathon

Early tomorrow morning, I am running my very first half marathon with these two lovely ladies:

 (I’m sure they will really appreciate this post-11 mile run picture I am sharing)

I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  If you look back a few posts, you can see my husband the triathlete.  HE is the athlete in our family–not me.  No, I don’t like to exercise.  I do it…but I don’t like it.  So when my friend Stacey (on the left) asked me last October to do this, I was pretty sure I couldn’t.  Then I decided I’d give it a try, and Heather (middle) was already on board.  Stacey is our mentor, she’s done a half and FULL marathon before–Heather and I are total newbies.  Before this training, I had only ever run a 5K before, and not very fast.  I’m not competative…I plan to finish.  But our training and running with friends has been so fun!  We go at 5:40am on Tues/Thurs mornings…and I am NOT a morning person.  Then we’ve done our long runs on Saturdays.  Juicy details shared on runs stay on runs.

To add to the excitement, we are leaving our total of 13 children behind, carb-ing up at a pasta restaraunt tonight and staying at a hotel.  It will be tough to not stay up late and chat.

Crossing my fingers I’ll get a decent nights sleep tonight! What is the furtherest you have ever run?

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  1. LOVE this!! So excited for you! The furthest I’ve run is a 5k…I was in Boston a couple of years ago for the Boston Marathon. It was so inspiring! I figured if those people could run 26 miles, I could run 3!! So I did. :) I’ve always hated running, and now I’m a fan. I’m hoping to do a half next year!! Beat wishes to you!!

  2. Good for you Kristen! I’m pumped for you!!! The furthest I’ve run is also a 5k…and learning to become a runner was never something I thought I could do…but it made me feel SO good! I definitely got a high from it. I stopped running and got way out of shape again…and am now pregnant, but hope to get back into shape and runner-mode again after the babe comes! Good luck and enjoy it! :)

  3. Caroline says:

    I think that’s a great picture of you 3! Good luck! you ladies rock!

  4. Have a great time. I have run half and full marathons before. half’s are GREAT. Good luck!

  5. So how did it go!? Can’t wait to hear!!

  6. Oh and did you get your sticker for your car!? :) You are a 1/2 marathoner now! Congrats!