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Giveaway #2~Knotheads

 We all know that lookin’ cute is very important to beautiful portraits.  For the women, it’s all about the hair.  I met this gal recently who sells the coolest hair accessories–knot heads!  Have you heard of them?  They sell in retails shops (Icing) all over the country, and it all began with her (and a few others)! She offered up a handful of her best sellers for our giveaway!  So what exactly is a knot head?  The definition straight from their website says, “It’s a bendable wire-like accesory that creats all kinds of possibilities for hair styles.”

First, I’ll show you some hairstyles. I was going to take some myself, but they have some great images on their website.

Wrap it like a headband (I love this, as it doesn’t put pressure behind my ears)…

Twist it around for a sleek ponytail (So cute)… 

 And so many other fancy hairdo’s on their site.  There are many colors and 2 lengths…

Short style comes in a pack of 6, 4 inch see more here.

Long style comes with a single 25 inch, you choose your color.

 Here is my daughter wearing the short style in pink:

 I love the added dimension and texture it adds to the hairstyle.  Gives piggies a bit more personality.

You can view lots of tutorials and styles on their website/blog, and with each order, there is a mini dvd with tutorials, too! 

This giveaway includes 2 long style and 1 set of short style.  What colors fancy you?  Go check out the fun styles and tutorials on the website, and see the famous people who are wearing knot heads on their BLOG!

Leave a comment to enter the giveaway through next Tuesday at 5pm Central Time:)

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  1. These are SOSOSOSO cute!

  2. would LOVE to try these!

  3. I have never seen these before, would love to try them as headbands hurt my head too. They’d be great for my little girl.

  4. Lindsey Likes says:

    These are to fun! I would love to try them out. Both myself and my little girl loving new hair accessories!

  5. I love the black and the brown/blue in the color of the month:)

  6. Too cute! Just GOTTA love any fun new hair things!

  7. What an awesome idea! I love the wrapped-around-the-pony look! :)

  8. Brittany Wilson says:

    These would be great! I am always looking for new things to use in my daughters hair and my own!

  9. Wow! Cool stuff. I have never seen these before! I think I like the pink and brown ones.

  10. How cool are these?? LOVE them! And this is the first time I’ve been on your site. Your photos rock!

  11. How cool! What a great hair accessory!

  12. an amazing idea! Love the “blond” color and brown… and purple for fun!

  13. I have never hearfd of these. I would like to try the long ones because I can’t wear headbands because they put pressure behind my ears. Plus my daughter has fine hair so I would love to see if the short ones would work in her hair.

  14. Love Love Love these for my granddaughters. I am always on the lookout for new hair accessories for them.

  15. SO cute! I would love to get these! I have 3 girls in my house and I am sure they wouldlove them too!

  16. I’ve never seen these before. How fun. You always have the best hair accessories. I love all of your tips at the idea room. I also love your new blogsite.

  17. OK, these I **MUST** have for my two blondie’s long hair!! To die for! I’d probably get fun colors: hot pink.. black (OK, not as fun, but goes w/ everything!)… sigh.

  18. They are very cool. I like that you can do pretty much anything with them.

  19. I’ve never seen these before, but they look really cool! Always fun to find something new to try in all that hair of Claire’s!

  20. I love all things red, and I love hair accessories

  21. Too Cute! I really really like the black and pink long ones!!! what a great way to change up one’s hairstyle!

  22. R Liechty says:

    All the brite colors would be fun to have. If only my almost two year old baby girl would could grow some hair.

  23. I love the idea of using it for a headband — regular headbands give me headaches!

  24. WOW! Those are awesome! Its kinda like a trendy twist tie for your hair. haha. So creative. :)

  25. My daughter would love these for school and soccer! That they work on curly hair is a bonus for me!

  26. I think I’d pick blonde bombshell…even though I’m not a blonde. =)

  27. Okay, these are something I gotta have. I’m a ponytail kinda girl, but these look easy enough that even I can pull off that doesn’t scream “tired mother of three”.

  28. Dena Inness says:

    Super cute! Thanks for sharing! My girls would love these for sure and I could borrow them too!

  29. How fun and perfect for my young girl who has outgrown the little girl headbands.

  30. Kristen. I think I look at your blog everyday. Your pictures are amazing and knotheads are too cute!

  31. Ooooh! I love these! I’m addicted to hair thingies. Good thing I have 3 girls to adorn (and myself). Hard to choose colors! They are all beautiful!

  32. My daughter LOVES cute hair accessories! She would really like these!

  33. Fun giveaway!!

  34. Looks interesting. Would be fun to see if they could hold up my thick hair!