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gingerbread houses

It seems that every other year we pull out all the makings for a gingerbread house.  It is VERY messy, but the kids just LOVE it. One of my sons wasn’t very excited about the idea until he realized he got to decorate his OWN house instead of all of them decorating one (I didn’t think we had done that before).  He ended up making a family of gummy bears, and as my most imaginative, I heard him having the bears “talk” to each other during the building process. (His has the “porch of bears” down below)  I was glad my mom was there to do a lot of the dirty work so I could take some fun pictures.


I also wanted to share a fun  holiday tradition that our family does each year.  I’ve got no pictures for it, but we call it:  The pajama drive.  It started with driving around to look at the neighborhood lights in our pajama’s.  Then we decided to tie in delivering friend/neighbor gifts (with the gifts, we like to “ding dong ditch” but people know its from us because our family card is attached).  Lastly, we make sure we come home to some nice hot chocolate. The kids love it, and we usually end up doing several “drives” in the week before Christmas.

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  1. How fun! We’re doing ours today … and I’m going to copy the candy in the muffin tin idea! That is such a nice way to keep it simplified (vs. using twelve different candy bowls)!

  2. SO fun!