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General Conference Ideas

Twice a year, our church leaders speak at a conference that is broadcast to members all over the world. It is 4–2 hour sessions on the first Saturday/Sunday in April and October. 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday.  For anyone not of my faith interested in hearing from a Prophet of the Lord, watch this short clip to see what it’s about:


It is a spiritual weekend for us adults, and we hope that some of the messages shared will rub off on our children (who tend to have a hard time sitting still).  I don’t want to have to keep asking them to come back and listen, I want them to have a positive experience, and hopefully feel the whisperings of the Spirit testify to them of good things.  We often have to get creative with activites to help our kids better listen–I’ve done a matching game in the past, but I saw some other ideas floating around on pinterest that I wanted to share.

I’ve made a Pinterest board called I’m a Mormon to save ideas for family activities, for teaching the youth girls, and scriptural activities for my kids. I pinned a bunch of General Conference ideas late last night, and wanated to share a few.

I LOVE this idea from the blog, Brown Paper Packages:  She said to pick top important words for the kids to listen for: family, prayer, scriptures, service, temple…whatever, and each time those words are mention, they get to pick a candy from that bucket:

{Brown Paper Packages}

This one (above) is super cute and can be used over and over, but I also found this one that is a bit simpler and up my alley with the bowls and labels:

{Tips from a Typical Mom}

Go check out my pinterest board for more “I’m a Mormon” ideas such as coloring activities and a matching game.

Click on this image Sunday morning if you want to watch the session geared towards those not of our faith (11am-1pm Texas time)
Come listen to living prophets

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I am making conference buckets tomorrow & printed a bunch of fun things off for the kids.

  2. love this. gonna do it. thanks for posting!

  3. While I am not a member of your church, I have many friends who are. I love to find ideas like this to surprise them with. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing this idea from my blog! I love it and I am doing it again this year, but with pennies. Then the kids will use the pennies to buy something from the “store” that I set up with stuff from the dollar store :)