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Fun new camera strap!

I love adding a fun little funky flair to my camera gear. I got a different strap a few years ago, but since I got my new camera last summer, I needed a new strap. I now carry 2 camera’s on shoots, as I use a few different lenses. So, I went browsing etsy the other day and found a vendor with some very cute straps and I snatched one up. I love that it is double sided (my other one is just colorful on one side and black on the other) and nice and soft.

Luckily, the vendor lives in my state and I got it the day after she shipped it! She also sent a card to her blog where she sells many other cute crafty things. And she even said she takes requests! If you wanna see her blog, the Personalized touch, CLICK HERE. I borrowed this picture from her blog, as I don’t feel like taking one myself.

I also love the key fobs, wallets, and biz card holders she has.

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  1. Cute! Good way to differentiate between the two cameras!