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Football Fridays at the Duke home

 I signed my daughter up for a singing/dance class that meets one morning each week this summer.  We have lots of activities for all of us, but I wanted to do something each week for my boys, I just wasn’t sure what.  They have loved playing football with friends in our yard, and I thought to myself, “Why not have a set play date each week with a bunch of friends?”  It’s really quite hard to organize any kind of individual play date because I feel like I have to arrange someone for each child and that can get crazy, so I tend to not do it at all. 

My boys share a lot of friends, so this worked out.  Since it is so hot around here, this gathering happens in the mornings pretty early.  Thanksfully our yard is still partly shaded then, too.   I invited boys from school and church and neighborhood, and we have had a pretty good turnout each week. The moms seem to be delighted to drop off and run an errand or two, and my girls like serving up the lemonade. 

My boys love it, and thats what makes me the happiest. I said from the beginning that they all stay outside. THIS is why we wanted a home with a big yard.  I also brought out Otter Pops a few times to cool them off.  So far…so good!  Though football isn’t the sport I would encourage my boys to play, they love it, so I try to support.

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  1. You always have the best ideas. This looks like a fun time.

  2. What a great idea! We LOVE yard football & ball games, it’s where all of our kids’ athletic experience has originated. :)
    I often feel the same about organizing individual play dates / activities. This is fantastic. :)
    Our twins are mad passionate for football. There are few greater joys than watching your kids do what they love!