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Flashback Friday~

I love seeing retro pics on blogs, so I thought I’d post some occasionally from my life.  I have MANY.  I carried a camera around during my elementary years and my mom has lots from before that.

Here I am at 3 weeks old.  I was over 9 pounds when I was born, so I was nice and healthy!

Below, my dad reading me a book.  I love my dad.  Check out the retro couch!

Another couch shot with my big brother;) We are 2 years apart.

I wanted a cabbage patch kid, so my mom made me one for my 7th birthday.  I look really happy  here, but I remember not being too happy about the homemade version.

I just really enjoy my bangs in the shot below.  I don’t have any other pictures of my hair this  crazy, so I like it a lot.  I am pretty sure it was my little brothers baptism because we are at the church, I have a tape recorder, and this friend next to me did not go to our church but came for the special occasion.

My 16th birthday. I knew something was up when my best friend (in white KHS t-shirt) told me to “wear cute pajamas” and a bra to bed. They woke me up in the morning and sang something me…now I can’t remember what.  I had a BIG crush on the guy in purple bow tie.  We held hands shortly thereafter, but that is as far as it ever went.

Below, I was home from college for the summer after my freshman year.  This is my little bro with me.  We went with a few friends to IHOP late at night.  He is crazy, and I thought I was being crazy wearing an apron out, but thats not really so crazy now is it?

Motherhood:  My 28th birthday. I love this shot.  The mess in the background in my kitchen, the tears on my sons face, the interesting looking cake, my long wavy hair, my now 5.5 year old as a baby and my oldest as an adorable kid before entering kindergarten.

  Thats it for flashback Friday!  Have a great weekend;)

P.S. If you are in Utah and want to have pictures taken or join my workshop there, click here for more info.

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  1. gotta love those BANGS!

  2. I was also disappointed by a homemade Cabbage Patch doll. My mom paid someone more to make it than what the real ones cost in the store. The problem was that they couldn’t keep them stocked in the stores, and my mom hates shopping anyway. Funny, those things we remember.

  3. I love that. Fun post! I had a homemade cabbage patch doll, as well. :)

  4. Katie Evans says:

    I got a homemade cabbage patch doll when I was growing up as well! I, too, was a bit disappointed it wasn’t the real thing! Okay, I laughed out loud reading that your friend told you to wear cute PJ’s and a bra to bed. What a good friend. :)

  5. LOVE the bangs. Seriously, why don’t you do that again? :P The one with you and your dad is my favorite. So cute.