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Family in the Beautiful Texas Springtime and a WINNER! {Austin, TX Photographer}

Just LOVE this gorgeous sky and the colors of the flowers.  Though the family had to suffer a little looking into the sun, they didn’t complain:)  I met this family at church several years ago (was it 4?) but they moved to another town 2 years ago.  Facebook kept us in touch and she told me a few months ago that when the bluebonnets came out, she wanted to have family portraits taken.  We found ourselves a great field! 

and a fun silhouette…more to come, just wanted to post 2 really quick.

Oh, how I wish I could grant everyone a winner!  It was fun to hear your favorites on my landscape images.  From your beach bathroom decor, to your similar travels to PR, to a love of license plates (me, too!), and wanting to share gifts with your families (brother in Texas, hubby wants to be a cowboy).   Big smiles over here–BIG!  But, the ( chosen winner is Carolyn Jae.

Carolyn Jae said…

Wow! I LOVE your landscapes! They are so beautiful! I just become a follower of your blog and, like another commenter here, I am a wannabee photographer. With 7 kids, I sure have alot of subjects! Okay – if I had to choose one of your landscapes for a print – I would choose the one of the Salt Lake Temple – BEAUTIFUL!

{email me your address, please}

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  1. Rachael Penman says:

    Kristen! A-maz-ing! What a gorgeous location and family! This is my hands down favorite blue bonnet family pic I've seen.

  2. i love the silhouette!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Kristen, just now we are seeing the first two pics you have posted. They are great! Look forward to seeing the rest; you did a great job on getting everyone to smile in the sun!:)