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Family Fun Color Run [color me rad 5k]

After I ran the mud run with my sister in laws in September, I was on the hunt for something just as fun for my family. Though my husband and I have run many a 5k in our days, the theme races were never on our radar. I’d heard about the color runs before, but once I saw the Color Me Rad 5k was in Austin in December, I thought it would be a spectacular family event, and bought tickets 3 months out! I knew my boys could run it, and I had run here and there with my older daughter, and planned to practice more with her before, but that didn’t really happen.


It was recommended to wear white shirts, so I bought a pack of Hanes undershirts in one size, and we made it work. Big on some, snug on others. {below shot taken by the race organization, Color Me Rad}

I couldn’t decide which picture to put here (above or below) so I kept ‘em both even though it’s pretty much the same pose. I like ‘em both and I can put on what I want, right? Really, get ready for a picture overload.

I love the up close cell phone pic I caught of my clan below. It was about this time, I ran into a reader of my blog! She took a pic of the two of us and promised to send it to me, but I never saw it…I hope she reads this and sends it to me! The race provided the glasses, we got to choose what color. My youngest isn’t officially in the race, luckily I already had a hot pink pair for her;)
Before our heat began, they had a contest to see who could do the most push ups. My 2nd son wanted to compete, and I suggested my husband join along. My husband did them with perfect form and ease, while everyone else…well…ummm…did some half push ups. He jumped out at about 50 because they were counting slow and everyone was cheating and he didn’t want to be a part of it. I knew he would have won it. Well, my son kept doing them his way, and was the last kid “standing.” They threw him down a free shirt and the crowd cheered for him (only 5 of the remaining 50 guys were still in the game).
push ups
It was fun to watch his boldness.

When I realized the race isn’t actually officially timed, I was glad because I knew my 3 boys would want to beat their 5k times, and this meant we would easily all stay together as a group.

We ran into neighbors and church friends that we didn’t know where going. It is a great family event, tons of kids there!  See my rain cover on my stroller? I knew little one wouldn’t enjoy stuff being thrown at her, and I had to protect my BOB.
fun run
It was so fun to be “color bombed” by a different color at each station.

This is an example of the haze. Some were powder, some were liquid stations.

Surprisingly, my boys were ok with me taking pictures at this  point and looked when I called their names…

My daughter had the harder time because she isn’t running as much as the rest of us, but she was a trooper and we took a few breaks when she needed it. But she ran a lot. There was a lot of congestion at the color stations, so we had mandatory slow downs.  If you’re not a runner but want to do this, you should! It’s a really fun family event!

I didn’t take the shot below (provided by the race) but I love it!

Here is my favorite family shot (that we used on our Christmas card) of our fam. Not sure what little one is doing, but I love it. This is one of multiple family pictures I had varying strangers take, despite the ever growing moans from the masses. I wanted to make sure I got the perfect shot!

There was a little dance party as we all threw more color around…

Which I captured on my phone to instantly InstaGram as well as my big camera for great memory preservation.

Daughter is…sneezing? While the boy is doing his favorite dance move.

Can you name that dance move/song?  That atmosphere was so fun.
color me rad 5k

Why is it so fun to be so dirty?

I loved the way the color looked in my daughters hair.

Since the race was 30 minutes out of town and we planned to have our annual Cut Down our Christmas Tree Event and they were sortof close to each other, we decided to do one right after the other. We also planned to change, but we were so messy, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. So we quickly ran into the tree farm…

Rode the tractor out to get the trees (nice stranger took a cell phone pic and when the first one had a frowning oldest son, he took another and we got a GIANT annoyed smile from him). I tell them…just smile good the first time and it’ll stop (that’s true at least half of the time)….

….and grabbed one of the first medium sized clearance tree we could find. (We already had our 12 foot fake tree waiting at home, we just wanted the annual experience and smell of the tree in our home).
tree farm
With both of these activities, I love them because I want to appeal to the senses for my kids to retain childhood memories. I think both of these do that. Have you done a color run before? Cut down your own tree? I think we’ll do the run again–it was a lot of fun!

See where the Color Me Rad 5k is coming this year (and watch the cool video on the home page).

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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  1. I think I can name the song… Gangham Style!

  2. Oh forgot to say that this looks like a ton of fun, I saw a ad for one in our area last week and I really wanted to do but I didn’t. Great pictures!

  3. I can’t wait to do this later in the year .. but tell me, what camera did you use? While running? Was it protected somehow? Cheers,

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I did bring both my iphone and my dSLR, but luckily I had the under basket of my daughters stroller and kept it in a bag in there and pulled it out occasionally.

  4. Super fun!!!

  5. How fun!!!

  6. Oh gosh, I’ve always wanted to do these runs! What fun! And these pictures are just too perfect! Love the “rad” stamps :)
    xo TJ

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thanks!!! My boys wanted to keep the RAD “tatoo” on for a LOOOONG time, so it’s just barely gone. It took a great deal of elbow grease to get mine off;)

  7. My husband & I did the Color in Motion 5K in Dallas in November. One of my 2012 goals was to run a 5K and I can’t think of a better race to celebrate reaching my goal. My husband runs marathons so my little untimed & messy 5K was sooooo not his thing. But he loves me and made the day a special one by taking photos of me (usually I’m behind the camera) as we ran together. I’d love to do another color race with my daughters. I doubt I’ll ever forget my first 5K! Love your photos and account of your fun day.

  8. Oh my looks like y’all had a ton of fun!!! So jealous. And I love the tradition of cutting down your own Christmas tree. I hadn’t ever had a real Christmas tree until I begged my parents for one when I was 17 and I definitely want that to be a tradition my family has one day. :)

  9. Your photos are wonderful! This looks like such a fun time. Visiting from Tickled Pink.

  10. This looks like tons of fun!! I haven’t ever done one, but I know my kids would love it!! But you have to tell me….how in the world did you do the race with your camera? That’s amazing! (p..s. Thanks for linking this up to our Weekend Wonders party. You’ve definitely inspired me!)

  11. Hi, I found your blog while searching for Color Run. My family and I are doing it in a few weeks and we are pretty excited. Was it pretty normal to see strollers there? I have five kids ages 8,6,5,3 and 8 months old and they will be doing it with us. I just want to make sure Im not crazy for bringing them with us. I do have sunglasses for all of us, I guess mainly I was worried about my 8 month old. Maybe a hat, glasses and some kind of cover? This looks so fun though and I love seeing all your pictures!
    Michelle M recently posted..My little Cowgirl!My Profile

    • Kristen Duke says:

      It really was a fun family activity, I want to do it again! There was a lot of stopping, so totally do-able for the young ones, and yes, I got a rain slicker for the stroller to protect my stroller and toddler inside. They gave us sunglasses as part of the race ticket, but backups wouldn’t hurt.

  12. Rhema Ward says:

    I am planning on doing this with my family this summer. My husband and I take our daughter with us everywhere we go so she would be coming with us. She will only be 8 months then. I plan on keeping her in her stroller but was wondering how well the rain cover worked for you. And where did you get it from?

  13. I am SO glad I found this! My sister and I are wanting to do The Color Run with her daughter, but weren’t sure how to protect her and the stroller. Rain cover! Brilliant! I love all the pictures and it looks like you guys had a blast.


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