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Decorating with Portraits at Sugar Bee Crafts

Hi I’m Mandy and I blog over at Sugar Bee Crafts!  Sugar Bee Crafts: sewing, recipes, crafts, photo tips, and more!


I am so excited to guest post – this Decorate with Photography Series is one of my favorites – I just love all the great ideas!!  And Kristen is so great – I love seeing all of her great photos and tips!
Today I want to share my Snapshot Photo Wall.

I have several places in my home with pictures.  But they’re all posed.  What to do with all those fun snapshot ones??  I wanted to display them – they’re just as good, if not better, than the posed ones, and we all love seeing them and the memories that come with them.

First up, the tricky part – selecting the pictures!  Super overwhelming since I take so many snapshots, so I put parameters on it.  I decided to do group pictures from vacations – that way everyone is in the picture and  it will remind us of the fun things we’ve done as a family.

Next up, prep them.  I had pictures in 2 different sizes, 8×10 and 5×7.  I cut foam board into sizes slightly bigger than that and painted the edges black.  Then spray the back of the picture with spray glue, place on top of the foam board, and smooth into place:

Now, to hang them – first lay out the arrangement on the floor to see if you like it.  I already had a big vinyl quote on the wall and knew I wanted pictures on either side of it.

I think the way we hung the pictures was genius.  I was telling Trevor that I needed him to figure out how to hang them on the wall or I just might hot glue them on (I’ve done it before with a jewelry hanger….).  But to my surprise he said that wasn’t a bad idea – it just needed modified.  He stuck a piece of painters tape on the wall, put a line of hot glue directly onto it, then grabbed a foam board picture and pushed it onto the hot glue.  It’s months later and they’re all holding strong!

I love how they stand off the wall a little because they’re on foam board (left over from a previous project).  Kind of like a canvas, only tons cheaper.

But mostly I love having snapshots of vacations on my wall.  The kids love to point themselves out and talk about the places we’ve been.  Some aren’t even that big of vacations – just one day to somewhere close to home, but to them they’re a big deal.  I love to walk in and see them just starring at the wall.  Why didn’t I do this years ago??

Thanks for having me!  Hope to see you over at Sugar Bee Crafts!

Over there I have a couple other Decorating with Photos ideas, like the CHEAP GIANT PICTURE (the leftover foam board is what I used above) and the PHOTO WALL BOARD (love those crazy faces!)

Thank you, Mandy, I LOVE the idea of a snapshot wall, I have one as well.  I also love the quote in the middle;) Thanks also for the step by step in arranging!  Mandy has a site filled with crafts, sewing, & diy projects.  You have got to check out THIS desk to a nightstand re-do. I also love on her What I wear Wednesday posts that she asks the advice of her readers if they think her outfits work for her. Great idea! You can find Many on facebook, too.

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  1. I love how Mandy uses foam board to display her photos. I like to modpodge them on canvas, but that can get expensive. Her snapshot wall looks great!

  2. Snapshot walls are ALWAYS my favorite too :) What a fun wall. And just a heads up: there are TONS of different sizes of velcro strips in the hardware section at walmart that is perfect for hanging foam core on your wall :) They even have ones strong enough for picture frames if you don’t want to deal with holes. (And having gone through loads of them I can testify that they do not ruin the paint at all when you take them off!) Though I say your hot glue gun solution is pretty smart :)

  3. Genius!! So much cheaper than frames or canvas when you want to hang a lot of pics!!

  4. Genius!!%20So%20much%20cheaper%20than%20frames%20or%20canvas%20when%20you%20want%20to%20hang%20a%20lot%20of%20pics!!

  5. Love the idea with hot glue!! Thanks! Love the pictures!

  6. Where can I find wall words like that? I love what it says!