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Decorating with Portraits~Yellow love

Whenever I see a home with family portraits displayed beautifully, I feel it is my duty to share it.  I came across this post yesterday (though she posted it 11 days ago), and just had to share with my friends;) I have enjoyed Shelley’s blog, The House of Smiths, for a while now–her style is amazing (have a look around) and her enthusiasm for life just oozes through her typed words.  It also helps that this room/portraits are decorated in my current favorite color scheme: yellow, turquoise, and gray.  (Another tip I often tell my clients is to dress according to your home decor because you will want the portraits to “match” the room).  Shelley also sells vinyl lettering, Wonderfully Wordy, with some CUTE stuff on there. She gave me permission to share this below:

It definitely helps that she had a professional photographer photograph them, the images are just lovely. Above,  I have 2 shots posted of the same wall, but I just liked the turquoise and yellow accents in the room, so I share them both side by side.  I love the arrangement, I love that big and small, love some individual, some family, just kids, a great variety all in one spot.  I bet she catches those beautiful girls staring at those pictures over and over because it makes them feel happy.  Kids love to see pictures of themselves, and they need this “family love” engrained in their minds when life gets tough–and it will get tough.

It is important for children to see that family togetherness frozen in time.  If you want to read my original post (from over a year ago) about my passion to decorate with portraits, click here.  I truly believe it is a self esteem/confidence builder for kids to see this so regularly.  To see MORE images of Shelley’s display on her site, go to this direct link on  The House of Smiths.

In the meantime…I am getting ready to go to Utah in a few days and will have my workshop at The Vintage Cupcake Company and then the next weekend in Houston (still have a few seats for this one)!  I have been assembling (40) books to get ready…

 Have a great weekend!

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  1. i drool, literally, over HOS’s “gallery wall.” Thanks for sharing and so glad I found you via LMM!

  2. Rashelle McKinley says:

    I am here from LMM. :) I love that wall of pictures. I cannot wait to peruse through all your older posts.

  3. Wow- the yellow, turquoise and gray does look lovely together! Thanks for sharing. :)
    I’m stopping over from Little Miss Momma’s blog.

  4. I am here via LMM – I would love to win your ebook! I need to break my “auto” habit!

  5. HOS gallery wall is AMAZING!!!! Popping over from LMM. Love your photography. It is truly art.

  6. I am so impressed with people that just know how to decorate, I love that room! Amazing and the pictures are fantastic. What a happy room!

  7. Ashley Klosterman says:

    Sent by Little Miss Momma! I love your work!! Help me say no to auto! :)

  8. Ashley Klosterman says:

    Here visiting from Little Miss Momma’s blog. I hope I can day no to auto after winning your ebook! :)

  9. Here from LMM! I’ve never thought to dress to go with our decor. That’s brilliant!!! And I adore this room – the color combo and gallery wall are amazing!

  10. Sent by Little Miss Momma! I absolutely love that wall! I think I need one in my house! Can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog!

  11. Hi – here from LMM. She wasn’t kidding that you have great skills. Hopefully she’ll share some of her family portraits that you’ll take!

  12. Ashley Wood says:

    Beautiful! I am here through Little Miss Momma.

  13. I am visiting from LMM! I love your work! Amazing!

  14. Melissa says:

    I’m here from LMM! Love your photos!

  15. Melissa says:

    I’m here from LMM ;) Love your photos!

  16. You do stunning work! Came to you via Little Miss Momma!

  17. Stopping by from LMM! I love your work!!

  18. Oh my I am drooling over your site. I am in love with the aqua/mustard color combination. Actually, right now i am wearing that color combo! Dropping by from Lil Miss Momma! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I have three little ones that I would love to be able to get better shots of.

  19. nikki hickey says:

    Love your work its amazing LMM sent me and im glad she did

  20. Here from LMM! Never heard to dress for your decor – that’s a GREAT idea!

  21. Jessica says:

    LMM sent me and I am glad she did!

  22. LOVELY! Great way to incorporate color, design, and photography all in one. What a complete room! Thanks to LMM for introducing your talents!

  23. Love that room! glad I found you from LMM!

  24. Stopping by from LMM blog! Can’t wait to learn more about your beautiful photography!

  25. I am here via LMM! I love your blog! I hope I win the book so I can really learn how to use my camera to take great pics of my 4 sweet boys!

  26. Holly Handy says:

    Love your page!! You are so talented! Super glad LMM told us about you!

  27. Stopping by from LMM! Your work is absolutely amazing!

  28. Stopping by from LMM. Your work is amazing!

  29. I came here from LMM. I love you picture wall!

  30. Dana Reeves says:

    I’m here from LMM! I’m excited for an opportunity to learn more about photography. Fingers are crossed!!!

  31. Sarah W. says:

    Hi! LMM sent me via her blog. Love your work.

  32. Dana Reeves says:


  33. Dana Reeves says:

    Let’s try this again and see if it works. I’m here from LMM! I would love an opportunity to learn more about photography.

  34. Tiffany says:

    Stopped by LMM and she is raving about how I can get my camera off of auto! I would love love love to be able to do that! :)

  35. Hello. :) Such beautiful photgrapy. Always my dream to take a photography class. Oh, and by the way, I was sent from Little Miss Momma. :D

  36. I love your blog! I just stopped over from LMM because I would love a copy of your Say No! manual. Your photography is amazing!

  37. I love your blog! Just stopped over from LMM because I would love a copy of your Say No! manual. Your photography is amazing!

  38. Wow so beautiful! Stopping by to say hi from Little Miss Momma :)

  39. Charlene says:

    Love your work – need the e-book though :)I’m here from LMM

  40. Love your work! Stopping by from LMM

  41. Showing some <3 from LMM. Love the pic of the gal in the Yankees tee…GO YANK'S :)

  42. Stopping by from Little Miss Momma. Your pictures are gorgeous! I just bought a camera last year and I am trying to learn how to use it better.

  43. Emily P. says:

    Stopping by from LMM… love your book!!

  44. Stopping by from LMM.

    LOVE those colors together. Wish my brain hadn’t been fried after giving birth…we had our newborn shoot and none of our outfits went together, nor do they “match our room.”

  45. Stopping%20by%20from%20LMM.


  46. Stopping by from LMM already a blog follower! followed over from your old one :) Love you and House of Smiths actually :)

  47. Love your pictures!!! LMM sent me!