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Decorating with Portraits~Every day in September

I am so excited to announce that for the month of September, I have a whole bunch of guest bloggers joining me to share tips on how they decorate their homes with portraits!  If you are new to my blog, you may not know how passionate I am about placing family prints around the home as part of the home decor.  I think it is a very simple way to boost the self esteem of little children, to have a constant/engrained reminder that they are loved.

I have shared in previous posts how I decorate with portraits in my home from the mod podge project to the clothespin line, and today I share something very simple (that anyone can do) in our upstairs hallway.  When my children pass it going to and from their rooms, they love to look at the pictures from years past.  I like the frame collage that displays a bunch of pictures–even snapshots–of our family fun.  This is not a series of decorating with professional portraits (though I am a big fan) but everyday photos of your family.  This is a reminder to get the images off of the computer, and not just in a book to enjoy later on, but to enjoy NOW!

These are a bunch of 5×7 prints that I just LOVE, and it represents our family so well.  It doesn’t have to be something that was taken recently, it can be a printed picture of you holding your newborn child (who is now 10), framed in their room.  Let them know they are loved by displaying THEM instead of so many “things.”

I am extending a challenge to all you readers out there:   Get inspired by what you see posted on this series in the next month, and put the images of your loved ones around your home.    At the end of this series, I will have a link party for all of you to link up and share how you have decorated your home with portraits.  Here is the line up for the month with a few people still straggling in as I type this:

Eeeks! So exciting!  As my guests post, I will link up their posts on my sidebar for easy reference.  Feel free to follow this blog by feed, or my facebook page to remind  yourself to see the daily tips brought to you by some amazing creative minds!    You can even grab a button and put it on your sidebar to tell others to come along and join the fun!

 P.S. I’ll be squeezing in some session sneak peeks as I shoot them, too;)

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  1. Love it.

  2. You’ve got an amazing line-up planned! I’m excited to see each post and get some new ideas for my house. Great job on the button, too – it looks fantastic!

  3. That’s an all star line up! Can’t wait!

  4. Would love for you to check out how I decorate my home with pictures that I love.

    I look forward to linking up to your party! :-)

  5. I love that you are doing this.
    I followed the link from Homebased Mom to your site and can’t wait to see all the creative ideas that will be shared.
    I have photos of my kids throughout the house – from a collage next to the dining room table to individualized collages over each child’s bed. I never tire of them!

  6. I look forward to all these ideas. Heaven knows I need some inspiration (not to mention detailed instructions). Now to just convince my family that I really do need a little extra computer time this month . . .

  7. Sahweeeeet!

  8. Love these posts! I just posted about this on my own blog a bit ago:

  9. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my DIY Stripe Art. I love your decorating with portraits series, and I am inspired to create a project for this! I have TONS of family portraits and so many of them are tucked away or in albums and don’t get seen! Thank you for the inspiration!

  10. Loving it, absolutely loving it! this is such a great idea to do, thanks so much!

  11. Kristen – these series is absolutely fantastic! I am loving all of the ideas and can’t wait to start doing some more decorating. One quick question (if you wish to share)…where did you find the 5×7 collage frames that you feature in your post? I have been looking for something similar, but can only seem to find them in 4×6. I hope that you do this again in the future!

  12. You’ll find very little “art” pieces in my home (except on the fridge) because it doesn’t leave room for photos! I mix my pictures with the vinyl words. For October we got some fake spider webs and put them all over our photo frames and mirror too.


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