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Decorating with Portraits at The Shine Project

Hey new friends!
I’m Ashley from The Shine Project.
This is my little space in our office:
Before I show you what I did with some pictures I wanted displayed,
it’s important for you to know what I do!
I’m the president of a non-profit called The Shine Scholarship Project
We raise college scholarship money for inner-city students,
and get them involved in community service to teach them how to be leaders.
I started a CHANGE4CHANGE campaign where people pledge to keep a change jar,
and when they reach a hundred bucks in change, to send it in to the fund.
The students are a big part of my life.
And I have change jars flowing out of my ears.
So what better than to combine the two, to give me my daily motivation
to fight for them?!
And there you have it.
Pictures in jars.
Nothing fancy.
But displays everything that I love.
Thanks, Ashley!  I love the pictures in jars, and I love what your scholarship represents. If you need a dose of “happy” on a daily basis, go to Ashley’s blog.  She is inspiring and uplifting with her words.  Check out her facebook page if you want to be up to date on her blog as well.

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