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Decorating with Portraits at The Idea Room

Hey Kristen Duke fans! My name is Amy and I am the author of The Idea Room, where I share DIY home décor, crafts and fun activities to do with and for your families. As you may know, Kristen and I became friends through our blogs. Kristen was part of a long running Photography Tips Series on The Idea Room, where she shared all sorts of her amazing tips and tricks. We were able to meet in real life a couple of times and my family and I were lucky enough to be able to have our pictures taken from her…I know…awesome right? So I am excited to be returning the “favor” so to speak and feel lucky to be able to post here on Kristen’s blog for once.

Like Kristen, I am a big believer in displaying photos of your family and loved ones in and around your home. I believe it creates a great sense of love and unity among all the family members. I believe the images that you display in your homes are a direct reflection of the things that occupy your mind and your heart. As part of Kristen’s Decorating With Portraits Series, I wanted to share with you one of our photo walls that is in our main gathering room in our basement.

down photo wall 1wm

We had a long wall that needed to be filled with some goodness and I knew I wanted it to involve our family pictures that Kristen was able to take of us. My husband and I built the shelf the pictures are displayed on using a regular board and some different types of molding. We made a similar shelf for our girl’s bathroom which I shared how to make over on The Idea Room. The shelf in our basement is a bit larger and is about 8 feet in length.

down photo wall wm

Not only did we display our family’s portraits on the shelf but I wanted to display our Family Motto…which is “No Empty Chairs”. This is in reference to our belief that we want all of our family present and for there to be no empty chairs around our dinner table now and as we gather together again in heaven someday.

down photo wall 4 wm

I have also displayed our family rules. I was able to have a subway art made that spells out the expectation that we have of each other for each and every member of our family. The hope is that seeing this photo wall display will be a great reminder of the family unit that we are and hope to continue to become.

down photo wall 2wm

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this fun series Kristen. I hope many of you will enjoy stopping by The Idea Room and seeing the many other projects and ideas I share with my readers!

{I simply LOVE Amy and her blog! If you have not been over there, you must. She has become a dear friend online and in real life, too!  I love the portraits on a mantel like this (doesn’t even have to have a fireplace below), sprinkled with other family items. I do love that “No Empty Chairs” motto with that chair, too. To see up close the images that I took of Amy’s family that she has diplayed here, go to this post last year.  To see their family pics from this year, click here. }

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  1. i love that little chair!

  2. Love that shelf!!! Looks cute (and that little chair with the motto – awesome!!)

  3. Love the shelf and the board with all the family rules! Kristen, this guest post series is so fun—I look forward to the new post every day!


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