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Decorating with Portraits at The 36th Avenue

Hello Friends!

My name is Desirée and I blog over at The 36th AVENUE.

I am super excited to be here today visiting with Kristen and all of you.

What a wonderful series this has been!

I want to focus my post today on decorating using children portraits.

I love decorating with pictures… if you were visiting my home you’d find family pictures scattered all over the place.

Some of my favorites however are children pictures.

Having a great photograph is as big a part as having a great display.

Here are some tips that I like to personally follow whether I am the one behind the lens or our children are in front of someone else’s camera.


Show their personalities!

Children are children for such a short time.

What they like one year they may hate the next.

Sometimes you can show their personalities through objects that they love.

Capture them!

Miss Laid Back…

Mr. Tough!

Miss Cute!



I don’t edit a child’s face.

Children are naturally beautiful.

Make sure you capture those unique features that make them… them!

Before we know there won’t be spaces between their teeth…

And those cute little freckles will be covered with makeup…



Listen to them…

Children are naturally creative.

Some of my favorite pictures have come from their ideas.

Welcome To My Life!


A photo is just an image until you print it!

I know many people thinks that in order to display portraits you have to have a gallery wall.

This concept can be overwhelming for some and pretty expensive.

Yes, frames are not cheap.

Here is an idea for you…

Use an old large frame or window and add some chicken wire to it.

{ Click HERE for the full TUTORIAL }

Pin the pictures, change them often, make it fun, and enjoy those moments that make each day count!

I hope this post inspires you to not just take pictures…

… but to use them as accent pieces in your own homes.

Thank you Kristen for having me.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the series!


The 36th AVENUE

Thank you, Desiree!  I LOVE that you mentioned capturing the details, because those details make great artwork!  I also love to capture the fun and spunky personalities.  This series is all about printing images, so that is another GREAT reminder to do so! I discovered Desiree’s blog recently, and then realized she is related to a local friend of mine–fun! I look forward to meeting up with her at the blog conference, SNAP, that we will both attend in April. The 36th Avenue has lots of numbered lists that I could look through for hours. My fave’s are 20 handmade gifts for him and 30 amazing furniture makeovers. You can also find The 36th Avenue on facebook and pinterest.

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