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Decorating with Portraits at Remodelaholic

Hey Y’all,  This is Cassity from Remodelaholic.  When Kristen asked me to participate, I was excited… then I realized, that I needed to actually get some family pictures up on the wall again!  We have been redoing our front room, and I took the pictures down to update the walls and all that jazz.  So really,  it has only been a mere 9 months without pictures… it hurts a lot more when you actually put it down in writing.Anyway, recently we went on a trip to Asheville NC, where we used to live and had our good friend Destinee take some picture of our family.  So this post was the perfect excuse to get my new pictures up!My first plan to put them in my entry hall failed.  But I found the prefect spot for them in a little hall on our main floor (if you want to see the before and after, and how I painted the frames check this link out).

I am so happy I finally did this.  I absolutely love the pictures, and the new display really adds to my home!   I adore the bright colors, from our crazy orange outfits and green trees, to my $5 spray painted frames!  And my daughter Etta keeps pointing us all out by name!  So I know she likes it too!
{Cassity, I love bright colors, too!  Thank you for sharing, and I love to hear that your daughter notices them, too;)  I love a little spray paint to frames, makes it so much more fun.  What a cool blur shot of the little one, too.  This is the first of a handful of double posts you will see the last week of our Decorating with Portraits September Series.  We had just a few over 30 volunteer to help and I couldn’t turn them away! I’ve you’ve never been to Remodelaholic, go check it out.  It’s where we got the inspiration for our homemade Master bed.}

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  1. Spray paint is kind of my best friend. :) And those frames look really lovely in that happy color! What a great way to display them!