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Decorating with Portraits at Peekaboo Photography

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for letting us share our home with you.  You can find us over at Peekaboo Photography, based out of Utah.

Living Room
It’s hard for us to just choose a few photos for our living room so we did a bunch of smaller ones in various sizes. They used to be all black and white but we’ve switched it up a bit and it’s easy to change a few of the photos here and there so there’s always something fresh and new.

These were printed by our good friend Jason at We like doing these themes with several different shots from the same shoot. These are called stand outs.

Family Room Shelves – Fireplace
More great canvas prints displayed a bit differently. The fireplace definitely needed a nice large photo to make it feel homey. As you can see we do different types of prints in different areas of the house. We have the framed photos in the living room, the foam-core pop outs in the family room and the canvas wraps in the family room. We try to mix it up a bit and keep it interesting.

Lyla’s room- More canvas


{Thank you, Katie!  Oh my, I am speechless.  Gorgeous portraits, displayed in a beautiful home, and I love the different ways she has them displayed all over!  This gives great examples of how it can be changed up from room to room in your homes.  I have adored Katie’s photography from afar for quite a while now.  She and her husband are a team, and they do some amazing studio work with major creativity with backdrops.  The only photographers that have shown me that studio work (vs. outdoor/in home) can be fun!  Some of my faves are those they have photographed of their own children,but this is my FAVE (on their old blog)! Like them on facebook as well.}

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  1. I am in awe at the beautiful way the pictures look in her house. I especially love the collage over the baby crib. Gorgeous, all of it!

  2. oh my, i wake up in eager anticipation wondering whats today!!
    love love love this, oh, i love her house, it’s so me!!!! I love the family canvases!!

  3. GORGEOUS home and photos!!

  4. Seriously amazing!!!! LOVE the living room and love how they’ve displayed so MANY pictures!!!

  5.! That living room is straight out of a magazine! :)
    I have always been a fan of peekaboo’s work!

  6. love the bedroom grouping what are those sizes if you dont mind sharing

  7. Stunning!! All of it! Simply stunning!
    Thanks for linking up to Southern Lovely’s Show & Share!! Hope you’ll join us tomorrow!

  8. this house is GORGEOUS! i loooove the canvas’!


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