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Decorating with Portraits at Little Miss Momma

I’m Ashley of Little Miss Momma, and Kristen just so happens to be our family photographer–we love her to pieces. I’m big on family pictures. Big on getting them taken every year. Big on having over 100 to choose from. Big on posting them to my blog. And big on having them displayed all over our walls. It’s my way of personalizing our space–of making our house a home.

For the most part I keep my portrait walls fairly simple. Clean straight lines, neutral colors. I have grand plans of getting funky and creative, but I still lack the courage to splash that color on my walls. So my dear friend Brittany, suggested that I get color on my walls by having fun colors in my pictures. She said to wear the colors in my family pictures that I want to use in my decor. Which is why you will notice I stick with turquoise/blue and yellow in our family portraits.

I purchased all these black frames at Costco. They come in packages of two. Great price and great quality. Also note how crooked these frames are. That’s what happens when your two year old learns to crawl up the back of the couch and put finger prints on your frames.

I am also a believer in NOT hanging everything on the wall. I love the look of intentional leaning of wall hangings and portraits.This makes it easy to switch out your decor for each season on a whim–below is my “Fall” arrangement. In Spring, I switched out some of the items and added some color.

We moved recently, and I took this as my opportunity to create a new wall with color in my house. Even though there are limited pictures in this arrangement, I think you could replace any of these items with a portrait and achieve the same effect.

1. c/o Barn Owl Primitives: Family Rules Sign
2. Local Surf Shop frame: recipe with love note written on it from our first date.
3. c/o Modern Bird Studios: hand painted Baby W portrait
4. Home Goods: typography word art that reminds me of Baby W.
5. Old frame that I removed the glass and backing from then spray painted. Heart wings purchased at TJ Maxx years ago.
6. Mod Podge photo heart made for Baby W by Love Stitched
7. c/o Barn Owl Primitives: Keep Calm and Carry On sign
So I love fireplaces. But I’m not exactly a big fan of mine. We just moved into our new place and the fireplace is a sort of poo brown and doesn’t have a mantle. So rather than spend a ton of money right now, I picked up these frames from Ikea and used those new Command Hanging Strips so I wouldn’t have to drill into the brick.
I’m also addicted to pinterest, where you can find a TON of fabulous ideas for your picture walls.You can check out my other home decor posts HERE.
{Thanks, Ashley!  I like the exposed brick, even if the color isn’t your favorite, I like how you hung the pics up on it to snazzify it!  And thanks for helping everyone out with where you got everything with that number system;)  I got to meet her sweet family on my trip to California over the summer.  If you want to see more of their images, click here and here for the two part posts;)  And I have MANY of her adorable pieces in her etsy shop, RUN to go check them out…I even have the colorful pillow (looks like you can still get one) in my living room that you see posted here…I ordered it from her;)
—-Remember to link up on Saturday, October 1st to share how YOU have decorated with portraits in your home!——

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  1. I LOVE the hand painted picture of the lil boy!!! May I ask how big it is and how many colors are used? I looked on the website for the choices and just wandered what was used in that piture :o)

  2. Looks fantastic!!

  3. I LOVE photo walls! I had one in our last apartment and when we moved I was soo sad to take it down. Now we have a new photo wall up in our new apartment and I love it equally as much! My fiance and I took our engagement pics on Monday and I found it SO awkward! Hopefully I’ll lighten up by the time we have kids so that way we can take family photos as cute as yours! I cant wait to hang our engagement pics on a new photo wall!

    one of our engagement pics:

  4. I LOVE the idea of wearing colour in the photos so as to complement the colour pops in the living room. Such a great suggestion!

  5. LOVE IT ALL! I only decorate with black frames myself because I’m too afraid to try and mismatch it up. One question–HOW do you have a two year old and WHITE furniture? ;)

  6. Crystal says:

    Hi Kristen. I’m trying to recreate the picture wall featured on the Little Miss Momma blog. What size is the black and white canvas photograph of the two in the middle?



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