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Decorating with Portraits at I Heart Organizing

As a mommy to three active boys, I am always running around with my camera and snapping oodles of photos.  I have to admit that I have somewhat fallen to keeping them saved on my computer, but I am on a mission this year to get them off of the pc and on to the walls.  This series has provided me all sorts of new inspiration which I am LOVING and excited to be apart of!

I did put together a gallery wall a few years ago, that I still love today as much as I did then.  It not only was a great solution for a giant empty wall, but more importantly, it is the first thing you see when you enter our home.

It spans approximately 6ft x 6ft, and is a tribute to my happy little clan!

It’s important to me to give that feeling of “family” upon entering our abode as they are what makes this house a home.


We hung the frames in a grid, popping a photo of the hubs and I in the middle and placing our favorite smiles around us.


Thanks so much Kristen for having me today and including me in such a fun series!

Even her wall gallery is organized! So symmetrical and straight–I love it!  It is tough to arrange it to look that nice.  I love how the black and white images/frames POP on that green wall, too. Jen is the creative mind behind I heart organizing blog and printables.  I have Household binder everything kit and love it, and she also created a photographers checklist just for me! I even used her calendar  creation to announce the Decorating with Portraits lineup for this month!  I just LOVE her use of color, she has many other items in her etsy shop, you can also find her on facebook and pinterest.

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  1. Where are these frames from and what size are they!? I love them ;)

  2. Very nice looking. What size are the photos and what size are the frames? Thank You.

  3. Hi friends!

    The frames are from Ikea, they were discontinued but they are almost identical to these ones:

    I just printed poster sized prints and centered them. However, I believe has a really great selection of sizes.


  4. Fantastic! Pinned for later. :)