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Decorating with Portraits and Katie Evans Photography

Hello there. I’m Katie from Katie Evans Photography. I’m so thrilled to be a part of Kristen’s Decorating with Portraits month. I love her passion for photography and especially for filling our homes with what matters most.
Because I’m a photographer one would think I would have my entire home filled to the brim with photos…um, not quite so. To be honest I think it comes down to laziness on my part. I have so many treasured pictures and at this point I’m just happy if I get them posted on my family blog in order to print out into a book someday.
Okay, so here is what I DO have out…
When you walk into our home the first room is basically just a photo gallery of sorts. We don’t have any furniture in there, except for a piano but the walls are surrounded with photos.
I had the idea of building a floating shelf that wrapped all the way around the room and thanks to my ever patient, ever loving Father-in-law who built it for us, my idea came to be!

I love how easy it makes displaying photos. All I have to do is place it on the shelf. I don’t have to worry about hammering nails in the wall and if the pictures come out straight or not.

These are a couple of canvases I ordered about 3 years ago of Maddie and Lyndon. They are definitely the focal point when someone walks in our house. They’re hard to miss. :)

Here is a view of the other side of the room.
These prints are mounted on hard styrene board.

This is the extent of our family photos in our family room. I like that they are right above the tv so they are sure to be seen. :)

The frame is from IKEA. (as are the shelves, and the green boxes. gotta love that place!) btw, Kristen took these pictures!

This is an old wood door that I’ve had ever since we were first married. We used it as a head board for a short time and now it’s become a picture board. I tacked ribbon in a checkered pattern using upholstery tacks. It was cheap and it looks cool. I like to switch up the pictures now and then and this way makes it really easy to slide them in and out.

And there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour of our home.  If you ever get a whim, stop on over to my neck of the woods and say hello.
{Thank you, Katie!  I love that floating shelf, so easy to place lots of fun prints up there!  To see more of Katie’s family, check out the photo shoot I did with them last year here.  She photographed our family in 2009 with an orange garage door, too. If you feel you’ve mastered the auto settings on your fancy camera’s, Katie has a book on her blog that can help you beyond;)} 

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  1. What an adorable house! I LOVE that picture board! What a great idea–and how nice that pictures can be easily switched out! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Love this! Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!