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Decorating with Portraits~Bedroom and Family room

If you haven’t read my original post about this, go HERE.   In a nutshell, I began a series on my blog a few months ago to encourage families to decorate more with portraits.  Not just 5×7′s in a frame on the table, but large prints on the wall, and something in each room.  There is a lot of focus out there in blogland on home decor, and I love a beautiful home, too, but we need to show our children how much we adore them by displaying them all around our home.  Who says we can’t have a decked out fancy home AND portraits up?  It brings more warmth and happiness.

With my big brand change, I’ve slacked on posting this, so I am bringing it back.  In that original post are images from my old home.  You can go to the archives here and click on Decorating with Portraits (or just click on that hyperlink) to see other homes I have featured.  PLEASE, send submissions, I’d love MORE on how you or someone you know have displayed portraits in a beautiful way!

Today’s decorating images were sent to me by Michelle Wilkes from New Mexico.  Here is what she says, “Saw your blog and I totally agree with you about using your own family pictures in your home! I’ve always thought this. When I was expecting my first, 10 years ago, my husband wanted to buy me some Anne Gedde pictures to go in the room. As much as I appreciate her art work, I said, no, I wanted to hang pictures of my own babies up, not other peoples! ”
She incorporated portraits in her adorable decor in her girls room.  I love how there are baby pics mixed in with older ones.

 That iron bodice is also super cute!

Here is her family portrait in their family room, and she says, “The family portrait hangs in the living room. It may not look big, but it’s a 30 x 40, and I wouldn’t have gone any smaller! I was surprised when the photographer told me this was the biggest portrait anyone has ordered from her. I don’t why people are so afraid to go big. I love it!”

 Thank you, Michelle!  Who else has some? 

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  1. love love love this!!! We have just painted the interior of the house (after living here for a year) and I am so excited to order some LARGE prints to hang on a GIANT empty dinning room wall!!! and now I am rethinking my plans in the living room also- to include more photos!!!

  2. How fun to see this again, since we’ve just packed up all these portraits! I’m already thinking of ways to use them to decorate in my new home. I may steal some ideas from your earlier posts.

  3. I just love that little girls room! Such a great idea…I will have to work on that…

  4. Do you know what the rule is regarding displaying pictures in a HUGE area?? Meaning, leave all prints black & white… and change up the frame/colors? Or is it you can have colored prints, but the same colored frames (like black). I haven’t done ANYTHING yet w/ my pictures b/c I’m so clueless!!