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Decorating with Portraits

I’ve got a much needed lull with photography these days.  Getting settled into the house and its getting hotter, so the biz is definitely slowing down.  But it won’t stop me from taking pictures whenever I get the chance! More on the decorating with portrait series, this is the front room of one of my friends here in Austin.  I took a good number of the prints here, and its fun to watch how she has decorated with them.  I think they are all 8×10 and smaller, so goes along with the grouping theory with wall prints that are smaller.

Fun idea, right?  Some on the wall, some leaning on the shelf. I love all the different shapes, and with some matted, some not. Email me with how you have decorated with portraits.  I want to see something BIG!

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  1. Love this idea! We moved into our house two years ago and I am struggling with big walls and how to fill with my pictures. I think this might be it! Will have to email you when I finally get it done!

  2. This is a wonderful idea! Are the shelves built in do you know? I want to do this in my office when I paint it and redo it!! I think this is fantastic. I have so many pictures and I need to figure out ways to display and show them off!

  3. leardonsbelle says:

    We are moving this summer and I am so excited for all these new ideas on decorating with photos. Thank-you!

  4. Kristen Duke Photography says:

    they built the shelves:)

  5. Susan E says:

    you can buy shelves similar to this (probably not as long) at pottery barn. that is what i put in my office and this summer i plan on filling them with pictures of my kids that i am going to be printing on canvas (hopefully all larger than 8×10). . i love the look you show here though.

  6. Love this! If I ever get my piano moved into this house, I would like to do this!