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Decorating with Portraits 2012

Surprise #3:  Tomorrow is the first day of my Decorating with Portraits series in 2012. I plan to completely switch from crazy September to light hearted February, unless I feel completely inspired to do it again in the fall.  I like this time slot, and lots of people have just taken their fall family portraits and are ready to get them up! I even got a new button frame that I like better (kinda like my Orange Blossom frame hanging in my home). This little frame is in my sidebar, and you can click on it at any time to see February’s posts as well as last Septembers. 

I almost changed the series to Decorate with Photography because it doesn’t have to be professional portraits–that’s not what I want to emphasize here.  It’s family photos that I want you to think about incorporating into your home decor.  As a photographer, I like beautiful portraits and I think families should have nice portraits taken at least every few years.  I know it is not always affordable to do so, but we all should be taking pictures of our family, and at the very least have “neighbor Suzy” take our family pictures ONCE a year!  Yes–mom’s you NEED to be in those pictures with your kids!  They need to see you as a family unit, and they love you just the way you are.  You will regret it years down the road if you weren’t in pictures from time to time.  So I say–pass the camera off.  They don’t have to be “portraits” they can be snapshots that you decorate with.  Research shows that children feel a stronger sense of security, self worth, belonging to see themselves displayed in pictures around their homes. So this series is a push for everyone to decorate your homes with photos of your loved ones.  All month in February we will be inpired by bloggers who have a passion for beautiful homes and their families, and show ways we can merge both by displaying family pictures.

Here is the group of guest bloggers on the day they post:

Excited as I am?

I am extending a challenge to all you readers out there:   Get inspired by what you see posted on this series in the next month, and put the images of your loved ones around your home.

If you are new, hit “like” on the facebook tab on the side to join us in the February journey and not miss a  post (you can also subscribe up above).  Get to know some new bloggers, and visit their sites. I am inspired by ALL of them, I hand picked them to join along.

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  1. Yes! I´m excited! A few months after your last series we moved and I finally put up our portraits! :)
    I´ll link up later!
    I love these inspirations!

  2. So excited!! I loved all the posts last Sept. and can’t wait to see the new ones. We are in the process of trying to sell our house (almost a year now), so most of our pictures have been taken down. I really, really miss all my pictures on the walls…..can’t wait to move and hang them up again!

  3. what a cool calendar! love how you put all the headers on there. Cute.

  4. looking forward to some great ideas! and motivation to get my own up!

  5. I’m SO excited! I’ve been hoping that you would do another one of these soon! :) We are COMPLETELY re-doing our home over the next couple of months so hopefully I will have some things to share along the way! :)

  6. Yes I am excited!!

  7. This sounds like a great idea!

  8. I’m so glad you are doing this again! I’ve done a lot of updating to my portraits since last time thanks to all your inspiration!

  9. Oh my goodness I just giggled since I have looked at this post multiple times and just noticed my calendar template was used. Thanks girl, it made my day. I was so busy getting excited about all of your great guests on the calendar itself. You have really gone above and beyond to get some fabulous bloggers, this series rocks!



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