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Decorating with Portraits

Thought I’d get this in quick since I have 2 sessions to post and 3 more coming up!  Thanks to those of you who have submitted how you have decorated your home with portraits, I will post them all–eventually!

Here is a clients home and her decorating.  I photographed them last fall, and she used a design I suggested for her layout.  16×20 in the middle and 11×14′s on the side.  She told me when I saw them up that she wished she went bigger.  I think it looks beautiful and she did a great job with the matting and framing.

Here is her layout in the room:

And here is the arrangement up close:

Do you have a great example of decorating with portraits?  Please send me an email of your ideas!

Giveaway announced tomorrow…I can’t wait up til midnight.

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  1. Michelle Wilkes says:

    The pictures are fabulous! And I also love your clients decorating style! Surprising that someone bold enough to go with that awesome green color was hesitant to go with BIG pictures! Love it!

  2. So the photos on the outside are 11×14? They look more square, are they up in Portrait rather than Landscape? And the pictures are 11×14 but the frames are 16×20 maybe? I want to do this if I have the space. The outside frames may need to be smaller to be able to fit on my wall.