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Decorating with Portaits at Eighteen25

hi there! we are  jamie, jodie, and jennifer from eighteen25.

we are sisters who like to get together and do all kinds of creative things. we are also kind of addicted to family traditions and in our family it’s pretty much a tradition to have a photo wall.

our grandma has one. (actually it’s a room)

our mom has one.

and we each have one.


recently, we put together a fun photo wall in jodie’s home…
we collected frames from many places. some were brand new. some had formerly been used in other spots. some were picked up from yard sales. and some were about to make their way to the thrift store.
then we spray painted the frames either black (if they weren’t already) or robins egg blue for a fun color finish off a photo wall we always like to add a couple non-photo items, but something that says something about you and your family!
jodie didn’t go out to buy anything for her wall. she used stuff she had around the house. decorating with photos not only makes your house feel homey, but it also is a very inexpensive way of decorating!!


this is such a fun series that you have put together Kristen!! thank you so much for having us and we can’t wait to see all of the great ideas everyone has to share!
{Fabulous, isn’t it?  If you like the “I love us” print, you can get it on their blog, here. I simply love this wall, love that they used the frames that they had and repurposed them with a little spray paint!  If you have not been over to Eighteen25, you must go (their blog is named after the house number of their childhood home).  I fell in love with their blog last September when they did the Spooktacular September…and they are doing it again this year!  I love all things Halloween and each day they feature different Halloween crafty ideas. I also have this printable of theirs in my home and it makes me smile each time I see it. Thanks again, gals!}

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  1. This is amazing! I love the yellow wall with the pops of turquoise! And that I love us is darling, I need one!


  2. This is really amazing! I am loving the yellow wall with the pops of turquoise and that I love us print is wonderful. I might have to get one!


  3. I love decorating with photos as well. Either ones I have snappep, professional or photos sent from relatives and friends of their kids. What do you do with said photos when you want to swap them out for more recent pics? I can’t bring myself to recylce or throw them out…

  4. Oh wow, i love this, thanks for sharing. i am just in the midst of doing my collage, and i am loving all the ideas. I LOVE the pop of blue, and the odd non family things.. love love it!

  5. enjoying this series! it’s always fun to see who people display their portraits! :)

  6. enjoying this series! it’s always fun to see how others decorate their space with portraits :)

  7. Kristen Duke says:

    I’m with you, I can’t put away the old images, I will just move them to a less prominant spot so I can view the newer ones in a more trafficed area. You have to get creative when doing that, working with the limited space one might have;)

  8. Kristen Duke says:

    I’m with you, I can’t hide them away, I have to put them in a less prominant spot like a hallway or something, because I like the newer prints out for me to see more regularly.

  9. Funny…so I randomly found your site through pintrest and what do I see–a picture of a girl I know. You are the one who took that beautiful picture of Naomi! Great site!

  10. Funny…so%20I%20randomly%20found%20your%20site%20through%20pintrest%20and%20what%20do%20I%20see–a%20picture%20of%20a%20girl%20I%20know.%20%20You%20are%20the%20one%20who%20took%20that%20beautiful%20picture%20of%20Naomi!%20%20Great%20site!

  11. This is a great series, Kristen. I love the variety of shapes and the different color frames. I have your photography book, by the way, and I’m loving it. It’s really giving me pause when I take photos and I’m truly learning to see what a difference working without a flash makes.

  12. i love eighteen25! what a cute photo wall…love the colors!

  13. oooh i love Jodie’s wall!! LOVE the frame with the number and key mixed in with the pics! AWesome!!

  14. LOVE everything about this wall! I’ve been wanting ideas for my long hall, and this might just be the solution. I love the color combo and different shapes. Thank you for sharing!