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Decorating with Pictures at The Handmade Home

I’m so delighted to have Ashley from The Handmade Home share how she decorates with pictures. I LOVE her decor style, and I LOVE that there are pictures in every room!!! I’ve been peeking at her blog with plans to make a no sew teepee like they’ve done. Enjoy some eye candy below!

Hello lovely people! I’m Ashley Mills and I write with my husband Jamin on our cozy little corner of the www, The Handmade Home. We believe in genuine, approachable design for all, with affordable ideas, fresh solutions, and one of a kind looks. We’re parents to three littles and love sharing a bit of everything from our latest sleepless night conundrum (see: musical beds) to our creations for our home and most definitely even our failures… we’re creating a haven for the every day with the good and the not so pretty ;}. I’m delighted to be here today to share a bit of our home with you!

jamin_and_ashley_thehandmadehomeDecorating with photography is one of my favorite topics. It’s just a must-have in every home. It adds instant warmth and personality, not to mention it’s easy, affordable art unique to only you. Jamin and I are so passionate about it, we even recently helped create a gallery wall in our friends’ home.


If you have children, what better way to adorn your walls than with your children – your best ever, ultimate home made projects? ;} It just doesn’t get any better than that! Today, I thought I’d share a few of the ways that we showcase our own photography, by sharing a little tour of sorts with all of you.

entrywayI guess you could say it all started because I was tired of seeing all the high prices of frames everywhere with that mass produced look, leaving a lot to be desired in the personality department. We decided to take matters into our own hands, and create some frames for our home. It added such instant fun, we were in love.

Walking into our home, you’re bombarded with photos. I’m all, check out my kids! Aren’t they lovely?! Say they’re beautiful! (Cue scary over the top mom face with questionable issues.)


Across from the foyer, this is one of the first things you see upon entering our home… our dining room. We designed this large and in charge frame to switch out our photos. It holds them easily, and keeps things simple when we’re ready to update.


Just about anywhere you look in our home, you’ll see photos of our kiddos. Whether a trio of subtly bold on display in the playroom

verandaOr simple and scaled back with a unifying black and white look on our veranda... you’ll be surprised with the never ending possibilities on how to work your photos into your home.

Our living room was a formerly dull, with much to be desired-greatly lacking in the wow department. I took a lot of old gold and black frames and gave them punches of color.

We took this particular problem area with the TV into fun mode by decking it out with some of our favorite photos. We unified all kinds of different frames by simply adding stripes in similar colors to the mattes, and edges.


One of my favorite projects in our home is this frame that sits over our sofa in the living room. I was in love with all of our Instagram photos, but wasn’t sure how to display all of them. I felt like they were going to waste, floating around in cyber space. Just because they were Instagram, didn’t mean they weren’t showcase worthy! ;}

polaroid_frameI had a collage in my mind, and it was so much fun to put together. All of the little photos brought a real punch to our space, with depth and warmth and fun color. An action packed, ever changing piece of art that our children and guests alike, love. (I catch our kids on a regular basis standing on the couch to get a better view of themselves.)

instagram_frame(Read more about how we created that gigantic Instagram frame, here!)

One of my favorite areas in our home is this project in the kitchen. It’s simple and doable for just about anyone, especially if you’re new to trying your hand at a little DIY.


This was one of our first projects we took on for the kitchen, and that was nearly six years ago. It was so easy and I’m still in love because of it’s classic look, and easy-to-maintain nature. As you can see, we never really grew tired of it. It’s a simple cork board we use to display basic photos with fabric covered thumbtacks.

We took some cork that we found online (Amcork has an amazing selection of natural tiles of cork with beautiful patterns) and ordered enough tiles to cover this area. (Be sure you speak to their representatives about the depth of your cork, to make sure you don’t need backing as well. This will ensure that your cork board will hold any tacks you use to display your photos.)

Using their adhesive, we measured to make sure it was level, then mounted the first layer of plain underlying cork. When it was dry, we added the cork tiles to the first layer of cork with another thin layer of adhesive. Our cork board was ready to use, but it still needed a little extra umph.

trim Taking some trim (the super light, pre-primed foam-filled stuff in the trim section of your local hardware store – did you enjoy my super description?) we measured, and then cut the pieces to fit. We gave them a nice coat of paint (I love Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace as my trusty go-to white) and (wait for it…) hot glued them to the wall around the fabulous cork.

When the glue was dry and the frame was situated, we went back with (cheater’s alert!) some wood fill, and when that was dry, a small amount of camouflaging paint in the tell-tale cracks.

It really was that easy.

Tada! Instant character, and a great way to quickly change out your photos as your little ones grow. They can be hard to keep up with, after all. Though I can’t seem to find it in me to take down the old ones, either… I guess I’m a not-so-closeted photo hoarder. ;}

This is a project I highly recommend for simple switcharoos in your home!

Thanks so much for having me on your delightful blog, Kristen, and thanks to all of you wonderful people for letting me share a few of our spaces with you today! Be sure to stop by The Handmade Home for more fun ideas, (and check our our ebook, Handmade Walls for a few of the ideas you saw here today!)

Have an inspired day!

{If this is your first visit to our month long series, Decorating with Pictures, please head on over to see the features from the other creative bloggers.}

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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  1. wowza! love this house! and i’m totally digging this series! i love peeking in other peoples houses! thanks for putting this series on! (and i’m finally getting a crack at say no to auto! it’s AMAZING!!!!!! serious. i got to page 6 and it was just like AHHHHHHHHHH1 (that’s angels signing)

  2. I’m a new follower to the handmade home! I find myself staring at their blog for hours. I just repinned this post saying “I’m going to do all these things.” It is ALL so beautiful. So happy you showcased them in this series.
    Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse recently posted..Look What I Can Do!My Profile

  3. Always like your blog, great stuff.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Love all the handmade/refinished frames! And I just checked out the handmade hideaway on their site. That thing is awesome!

  5. I love the use of color throughout your home!
    Cassidy recently posted..Custom Order!My Profile


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