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Decorating with Pictures at Click it Up a Notch

I’m so happy to introduce my friend, Courtney from Click it Up a Notch! I’ve enjoyed her blog for a long time, and she is a gal that I email regularly lately, but we haven’t met in real life yet! She has all sorts of photography goodness on her blog, so I hope you’ll check it out after you read her post today. (I love that she and her hubby work side by side;)

I am a huge advocate of printing and displaying your images. Why spend all this time photographing your life if your photos are going to live on your computer? I print a lot of my photos and have them in digital books as well as photo albums but there is nothing better than having them front and center in your home.

We recently moved back to the States from Japan and I was so excited to have an office and decorate it. I knew I wanted some way to show off some of my favorite images of our kiddos while allowing me to change out the photos as I took new ones I loved. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to pick a favorite when it comes to your kids and it seems you find new favorites all the time. I also share this office with my husband so we had to agree on the display.
click it up a notch photo wall display

I found this awesome shelf with a lip at IKEA for $9.99. We bought 3 of the shelves and put them together to make this long shelf.

click it up a notch photo wall display

I then ordered some of my favorite prints from my photo lab. I had the lab mount them on 1/8″ styrene to make them thick and stand on their own. The images range in size. I have five 16×24 and and three 12×18. The great thing about this display is I was able to add to it over time. It took me several months to get the photos printed since it isn’t cheap when you have them mounted. However, I love them! I love that over time I can add and remove images.

click it up a notch photo wall display
You can follow along with Courtney on her site, Click it Up a Notch/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Google+/YouTube

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Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Love this display! I am always leery of just mounting photos and not having anything to protect them, but that ledge is absolutely perfect!

  2. I like this idea very much. If I may ask…how fo you deal with dust?
    (very allergic family here ;))

    • Honestly, we have had a cleaning service for a while. However, we just canceled them, so to answer your question…I have no idea :) Probably have to figure out a routine to keep it from getting too dusty ;)

  3. Thanks for allowing me to share my photo wall with your readers!! Such an honor :)

  4. LOVE the desks! Where did you find them?

  5. I love Courteney’s blog! That’s the first website I ran into after getting my DSLR, and she helped me go from clueless to feeling very happy about the pictures I’m taking in manual. It was fun to see her featured here today.

    Love the shelf and display!

  6. What a cute and stylish his-and-hers office! Love it! That shelf is brilliant (the combo of 3) and what better images to look at than their sweet children. Great display!!!

  7. Kari Greene says:

    I love this! What do you do with the pics that get old and you replace with new ones? Frame them else where?

  8. I love your office space. The desks, chairs, and shelves. Will definitely be pinning this and stealing some ideas for my home office.
    Thanks for sharing!