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Decorating with Pictures at Chubby Cheek Photography

I’m so happy to introduce a fabulous photographer today, Shalonda at Chubby Cheek Photography in my hometown of Houston! She says her home isn’t fancy, but I love her beautiful picture displays, her cute turquoise furniture, the fact that she framed school work of her daughters, and confused why she thinks her home isn’t decorated enough–love it!

Howdy lovelies! My name is Shalonda, aka chubby cheek photography. I am a child and family photographer based out of northwest Houston, TX I have to admit when Kristen asked me to be a part of her decorating with pictures series I was sort of nervous…okay well ALOT nervous! You see, while I have a lot of different creative bones in my body, the “decorating bone” was one I was born without, ha! But where I lack in decorating skillz I make up for with my addiction to that warm-fuzzy-ooey-gooey-stars-in-your-eyes feeling when I see my family and particularly my girls images in print! I am that person who walks through the house at 6:30 am with a cup of coffee and a silly grin on my face, not because i am crazy (well I am a little crazy) but because constantly see’ing these MEMORIES on my walls take me right back to that moment! A few years ago I started the “every day project” with my girls, its sort of a low stress, guilt free, fat free, version of a 365 project :)….well anyways these every day images of them being them, of moments in our days, of our REAL LIFE, are “where its at”. Having these images up in my home and better yet walking by them on a daily basis truly feed my soul as a photographer and crush my heart into a million pieces as a mommy. These images are a true representation of my journey and how it has come full circle, I mean my girls were the reason i ever picked up a camera in the first place, which kickstarted this business 6 years ago and having these images of my girls are a reminder of why i do what i do! My point…yeah here it is…no matter what type of camera you have, no matter how professional you are or aren’t, DOCUMENT your days! And no matter WHO you are GET IN PICTURES, I am forever grateful for all of my photographer friends who have photographed my family and me with my babies! See that big canvas down there in my dining room? One of my best friends Melissa Anderson Photography flew all the way from ohio to take that among a tons of other incredible ones that I will cherish forever. Fill your home with YOUR art, your moments, YOUR LIFE!

So enough of the sappy mommy love stuff, lets get to the goods! So a few things you might notice 1. i am a true canvas addict! Oh yeah baby I may need a support group someday but for now Ill just pass the ones I rotate out down to the grandmas ;) and 2. and I really really really love turquoise and pink ;) 3. I have pretty awesome friends who “got” the decorating bone :) 4. I am no home photographer i prefer the super hyper running around like crazy 4 year old type

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{If you are visiting for the first time, I’ve got creative bloggers sharing how they decorate their homes with pictures ALL MONTH, see thumbnails of all displays.}

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
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Kristen Duke
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  1. Love the words paired with the photos – definitely going to do what in my house! Wonderful ideas…thank you!
    Michelle recently posted..Unlikely Friends: A Special Bond Between a Dog and a CatMy Profile

  2. In the last pic- are those standouts? Love all the canvases too!

  3. Hey Hun no they aren’t standouts they are framed mounted prints its an all glass frame

  4. so beautiful! Would you mind sharing where you got the “you are my sunshine” piece? I love it!

  5. gah…what camera bag and camera strap is that? Love the canvases!! So wished you lived in NC. :)

  6. You’re photos are beautiful! They capture your heart in all the right ways. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. hey hun its the bella epiphany camera bag and the strap was from a wonderful client its from capturing couture

  8. LOVE the turquoise dresser – did you paint that yourself or did you buy it that way? Would love to know where you found it! Gorgeous!

  9. sunshine sign is from be sure to tell them you loved mine ;)

  10. Where do you order your canvases from? I love the grouping you have!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      megan, this is Kristen. I’m not sure where Shalonda prints her canvas, but I use Simply Canvas or Pixel 2 Canvas.

  11. What are the sizes of the 5 canvases grouped together?


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