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Craft Closet Organization: Before & After with Target itso cubes

Too bad Target doesn’t know about me to pay me for this product I’m sharing. The Target itso organization cubes I stumbled upon one day have saved my craft closet mess! I am fortunate enough to have a spare closet in my home to shove all things crafty, but that is just what it was–shoved.  I got the cubes, but then still didn’t have order for a while…as you can see below…yikes…My kind friend came over and helped me pull everything out, decide what to throw away, decide on projects I’ll likely never finish, and get it all organized in the closet…I just took a few close up phone pics of a few of the drawers. I love that there are options in type of drawers, but they all fit in the cubes.  The cubes are individual and you can build a system whatever size you want. I just got 9 and pieced them together.  Even dividers to make the cubes smaller if needed, Like this sectioned pen drawer below…I’ve got a cube for fabric, for felt, a drawer for ribbon, yarn, glues, pens, scrapbook paper, you name it. Now my only problem is they are mostly filled to the brim. So either I use up what I have before I get more (ideal), donate some, or get more cubes. I hope this helps some friends get their organization on!

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Oh how I love getting organized. (And it’s nice to see that other people have a mess once in a while too!)

  2. Wow! So great. You did a more than awesome job. It looks really clean and neat. My daughter and I saw those organizers in Target and wondered what we could do with them. Nice idea.

  3. It looks great! Makes me want to go dig out mine. I imagine you frequently open the closet just to look at the beautifully organized space. :o) That’s what I do when I clean out my fridge. LOL What a great friend. It is always way more fun with a buddy.

  4. Ooh, I don’t have to tell you how I feel about organization projects. Dreamy!

  5. I recently got some itso cubes for storage in my classroom. Is there a way to connect the cubes so that they do not fall/lean over to one side or the other?