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Colorful Playroom Wall Gallery

It’s the END of the Decorating with Pictures series, and I’ve simply LOVED it! Have you???  If you haven’t had a chance to enter the giveaways, they all end on March 5th, so go now and enter every one of the amazing prizes from 56 shops!!!

I’m excited to share what I’ve been putting together!  Are you ready for something criz-azy?!?  Let my introduce you to my Colorful Playroom Wall Gallery!  To hear the crazy story behind, and the treasure we found in the thrifted red dresser, READ HERE.

colorful playroom pictures gallery wall

I’ve been planning a colorful playroom in my brain for years, and our paint fight family pictures last year was just the icing on the cake that I needed to kick-start this room.

I’ll admit, I look at this wall and BEAM with joy at the happy and bright colors all around. From the vinyl triangles, to the pictures of my kids, to the splattered canvas we created in our paint fight, red console table (from GOOD WILL, just wait for the stories around that baby), and Pottery Barn copycat paint set (how to coming).

I sent a preview picture to a few friends yesterday and I got a few awkward pauses (you know, via text, so that’s left to interpretation) but then an, “ummm, take off the triangles and I’d love it.” They were being honest, I asked, “Crazy or cool?” and they did what a good friend would do: Honest.  I also heard, “It’s whimsical and fun, like you.” Good, I like to be whimsical. Quirky. Fun. I own it. This may not be for most people, but it’s for me and my kids. I shared on Instagram yesterday a picture of my boys’ faces as they walked up the stairs and saw the whole wall completed:

Instagram reveal to Kids

I love it. Love those boys. Their faces. Their Joy at my creation. It reminds me of my goal to make my home fun and happy and bright and cheery and not just for me…but for them. As with my original concept in the Decorating with Pictures series, the pictures hang for them. To realize how important they are, to remind them how much they are loved and important.

Want to see more pictures??? I’ve got a bunch!

painted canvas picturesExcited to also share this 24×36 GORGEOUS piece of our favorite family image made by Bumblejax. It’s made adhering photo paper to Acrylic. I wasn’t able to get a great side angle of the piece, but see more examples and angles HERE.  They have many other cool print mounting options such as Bamboo, aluminum, or gatorfoam to print on as well. It sits across the room, I’m planning to fill in that wall space around the piece with more pictures from our fun day, look for that post in the future.

Bumblejax Acrylic Picture

Bumblejax Glass Picture

If you remember, they are sponsoring a giveaway this month, so make sure you ENTER, and also check out the gorgeous designs on their site.

Here are more images of the wall:

Pottery Barn Knock Off Paint Brush Set

For the pictures, I printed 10×20 verticals, and had them mounted. There are lots of mounting options out there: board, gatorfoam, styrene, etc. They are frame-less, and I measured, made a paper mock-up, and stuck them to the wall with these. Love them. I had to do lots of measuring and level-ing to get it just right.

paper to measure pictures

I originally made my paint brush out of yarn with mod podge. It made sense in my brain that it should work, but it didn’t. It looked like I mop. I could have just put a mop up there. I almost just kept it. But I thought I’d make a dash to a few stores looking for a good replacement, and I found just what I needed (more details to come in a further post) for my knock off Pottery Barn Paint set. Here I am “mopping” with my failed paint brush:

mopping with failed paint brush

Showing off the (new) paint brush that I spray painted just an hour before this post went live. In my all white, it’s almost a floating head situation going on~~~I’m very happy with the look of the new paint brush.

how to make your own giant paint brush

My triangles:

colorful vinyl triangles Fussy Mussy Designs

Keeping it real, the rest of the room in dis-array.

keeping it real

my most adorable model, and daily sidekick wanted to be a part of the picture taking process

decorating with picutres

Lest you think the painted canvas in the middle is just decoration, it’s so much more….sneak peek:

Hide TV behind Canvas on Hinge

If you love the idea of vinyl triangles (or any shape, any color) my friend Staci at Fussy Mussy Designs is selling them. They are SO easy to put up and re-positionable if you have to tweak them–I did.

Thrifted red dresser story and the mystery inside, HERE.

If you’ve missed any of the posts/giveaways from the Decorating with Pictures Series, check them out HERE or click on the image below. They are all LIVE UNTIL MARCH 5TH so ENTER!!!

Decorating with Pictures Ideas

Our final giveaway for the month and series is from Jo Totes Camera bags. This is what they say: Our bags provide a fashionable and easy way for women to safely carry their camera bodies and lenses, along with regular purse items, every day. I’ve got one myself, and I LOVE it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Did you have a favorite Decorating with Pictures post from the contributors? One that stuck out in your mind as unique, or something you really want to do?? Is this playroom up your alley, or am I crazy???  Please share! I’ve missed “talking” to you guys, and excited for all the fun things I have planned in the near future.

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Looks amazing!! I love it so much!!

  2. So happy to have you back! Though I have loved this series…your wall ROCKS! Also really loved the picture posts with ideas to print Instagram pictures.

  3. Love it! The triangles are my favorite part. :)

  4. This is FABULOUS! Love all the color and fun!

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I enjoyed your February series, but it’s nice to have YOU back again!
    What a fun wall for a playroom, especially since it seems to match you and your family’s style so well. Those pictures of the boys’ faces are the best part!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thank you, Jacqueline, I’ve missed sharing, too! You are just so sweet, I love hearing from you.

  6. Love, love, love your wall. I love bright colors. They make me happy!

  7. Love, love, love your wall. Bright colors make me so happy!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this! Its a HAPPY wall. It is impossible not to walk by that wall and not smile. I love how fun and colorful it is. Its so bold and fresh. You did a fabulous job and should be SO proud! Love ya friend!
    Jennifer Polson recently posted..Decorating with Family Portraits: Family Timeline WallMy Profile

  9. FUN! And I bet the kiddos LOVE it too!

  10. I absolutely love this idea! You are so creative!!!

  11. The paint brush turned out great!!
    Lorie recently posted..Show & Tell Saturday – 03/01/14My Profile

  12. Dyiiiiing laughing at your first attempt paint brush! Ha! LOVE the after. You’re so bright and cheery that this room matches your personality! Too fun!!!
    Lolly Jane recently posted..Spring pom pom burlap buntingMy Profile

  13. LOVE it! I’m addictive to all your posts.

    If you don’t mind, would you please tell me where to find this gorgeous “red console table “, (GOOD WILL – is this the store name? by any chance you have the website) or, unless it’s really from a Good Will store?

  14. Oh my goodness!! I absolutely LOVE this!!!! What an amazing wall and such a fun photo shoot! Love that paint brush too. :)
    Jenn recently posted..Easter Bunny SundaesMy Profile

  15. Hi our family new member! I want to express that pros and cons wonderful, good published accessible with somewhere around most very important infos. I would like to look further posts this way .


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