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Christmas Holiday Shopping Ideas for Kids

*This post is totally not even sponsored by anyone, I just wanted to share my list, in hopes that it will help someone, document my life at this time, and seek for more suggestions if you have them!

I am such a procrastinator. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s not rare at all that I am out shopping on Christmas Eve. Honestly,the times I plan ahead for such things often come back to bite me because I’ll buy something–hide it–then forget I even have it! I’ll find it 6 months later and kick myself. So I really can’t buy TOO early. This year though, I’m trying my very best to NOT shop the week before Christmas. I’ve made a list and I’m checking it twice. Just hoping my kids don’t find my list like my brothers and I often found my mom’s (sorry, mom!)

Since they never read my blog, I thought I’d share with you some of the items I’m looking at for my kids, and if you have ANY ideas, I’d love to hear more! I’m not sure what I’ll gift them yet…

For my boys: They are 12 and 10 and love electronics and sports.

I posted a confused question on my facebook page last week needing someone to clear up the whole Skylanders/Skylanders Giants business.  They’ve loved the Original Skylanders game, and I’ll admit, coming from a NON gamer, it’s pretty cool that with each guy you place on the portal, it’s a new game.



  I saw the Skylanders Giants come out in October, and I thought I’d surprise my boys for their birthdays. So I grabbed a few Giants, only to find out a few days later that the GIANTS are not compatable with the original skylanders game. Of course they are not. Such is my luck. So they’ve had this giants game without the giants “portal” and I’m determined to get that all cleared up for Christmas. From what I understand, I just need the Portal Owner Pack (since I already OWN the other), not the starter kit, since I have the original. If I were starting from scratch with the game series, I’d buy the Skylanders Giants Starter Kit.

youth books


My10 year old son has requested the NERDS books. Heard of them? I should know more about them since I’ve seen them reading them, more of a comic book type. They already love Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (I got the newest one at the school book fair), and Captain Underpants (much to my chagrin, I’ve had to let go of some things).



A pair of $12 socks. Nike Elite Sports Socks. I’ll admit, I thought it was crazy when my son first mentioned them for his birthday in October. What the what?!? But hey, I wanted a pale pink pair of Guess overalls in the 5th grade, so I get it. He was gifted a pair by his friend, and he wears them all. the. time. Like, gross all the time. I thought I’d indulge the boys and get them each a pair, but they are HARD to find! Amazon has a few colors, and I like shopping at Amazon with all the Prime business. My mom has the Prime and her kids get to benefit from that.

boys clothing


Sports clothing. They didn’t ask for this, but their fashion savvy mom wants them to be somewhat ahead of the game. I don’t like to pay Nike prices though. I look around to find a deal. They love anything athletic wear!

remote control car


Over Thanksgiving break, my son was watching TV, and all of a sudden told me, I want a snake bite remote control car for Christmas (I’d been asking him earlier what he wanted and he came up with nothing). I was so excited that he tole me, I went straightway to look it up, only to find this bad boy for $170. More than I’d like to spend on my youth son who came up with this impulsively after a commercial. Any suggestions on a good one for under $50?!?

Now for the Girls–They are 7.5 and 3.5

Of course they have varying interests, but play nicely together. When my youngest saw the Little People Disney Princess Castle at a friends house, she was amazed by it.



Funny enough, she doesn’t even know many of the princesses (don’t have many of the movie’s–I know, flog me), but she knows she loves them anyway. I told my mom who is “Little People” obsessed, and she asked if she could give it to her for Christmas. I relented, though because I don’t like too many BIG THINGS.

They have a whole set of said princesses


 My older daughter has been riding on a neighbor-hand-me-down bike for years, and she’s been hinting at a bigger one. Purple was the requested color. Excited about this one!


I’ve also been looking at a little bike for my  youngest, since she’d trotting on an old hot wheels, and was excited about this Pinkalicious bike for her!



Of course, we’ll have to have a handful of Lalaloopsey dolls on hand after her LaLa party 6 months ago. The mini’s are preferred…do you have girls that play with them?



Lastly, my 3 year old spotted this vanity in a store a few months ago and cannot stop talking about it!



I’m not excited about such a massive piece of plastic (the doll castle is big enough) so I’m trying to sweet talk my husband into making one for the girls’ room. We are working on their re-do, after all.

Besides that, they’ve mentioned hair accessories, earrings, a laptop (uh-huh), and a Barbie Coloring Book.

My husband had this grand idea that we not get each other anything for Christmas. I’m really not a fan of that, but we are just off of fresh necessary purchases.  I am waiting for the big Apple announcement to order a new iMac (very nervous about this hop, but planning on it for 4 months now) and he just turned in his ’96 car for a truck. I may or may not surprise him with a tool he hasn’t asked for and doesn’t know he needs yet.

My mom is requesting a little list from me…what do I want? Some  home projects done!

What are you looking at for your kids? Am I missing something fun my kids would enjoy? What are YOU asking for or giving your spouse?

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  1. Good morning! Regarding Skylanders & the Giants…my kids are big, big, big fans! The creators are savvy. The packaging says which game the figures will work with-some work with the original, some with the giants. Also some of the original figures are rereleased to work with giants but now they have new qualities. Cha-ching! Last thing to know is that there are specific skylanders that are exclusive to several of the big box stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and Game Stop. If your sons are collectors, you have to hit all of the stores to get all of the skylanders.

    As for books, my 10 year old son just finished reading the Harry Potter series (in reverse–not sure why but he did) and now is diving into Percy Jackson. He loved the Diary & Underpants series as well. We have Nerds but what he really likes is reading old fashioned comic books. We buy tons of them from He likes to read Richie Rich, Harvey publisher. and the like. The selection is great and they are very affordable that way. happy shopping!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Great book ideas, thank you! Mine also love Percy Jackson, but we haven’t gotten into the vintage comics yet. Might go that route. Thanks for the skylanders tidbit. My daughter and I were at Target last night so she could shop for her brothers and they guy said the “target only” guys sell out quick, and they had a populer one (that I didn’t realize was) and we snagged it! Might check wal mart and toys r us for others, thanks!

  2. I just posted our Christmas list too. My kids are still little so they’re easily pleased and since we haven’t purchased a tv that works on Germany (and don’t plan on it at this point) they aren’t bombarded by commercials of things they “need”. I have to say though that the $12 Nike socks are totally worth it if your son does sports. They are so breathable and prevent blisters- I’ve never had a blister running in mine including my 26.2 mile run in pouring rain (of course mine are pink ankle socks, but the technology is similar). I always give my husband a list and ask him to do the same, if he doesn’t, I get something that works for both of us or the whole family. I figure he’ll buy anything he really wants during the year anyway… This year he’s getting a painting of Christ and a beginner guitar book. I do all my shopping online so I never have to fight the crowds and can be finished in one evening!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I have enjoyed the art of online shopping, and that works when I am on the ball and plan early! I love that painting for your husband. I gifted mine a Greg Olsen of the Sacred Grove one year, and it’s still a favorite in our home. We LOVE all things little people, and that plane will be lots of fun for your little ones! Really good to know on the socks–that the price isn’t just for style;) Now I may have to get a pair for me and my runs! We don’t have cable here, so yeah, they don’t often see commercials catered to kids, which I’m SO glad about!

  3. Thank you!!! We just decided to get our boys (9 yrs old) the Skylanders and that info will be VERY helpful with our purchases! My 12 year old daughter wants a phone. Ahhhhhhh! It’s so hard to hold them off when ALL of their friends have phones. And my 4 year old daughter, the easiest to shop for, is getting princess dress-ups, Cinderella DVD and a few other little princess items.
    Good luck with your shopping! ;)

    • Kristen Duke says:

      OH, the phone debate! my 12 year old son doesn’t seem to need it yet, so I’m glad for that, but yeah it’ll come soon enough.

  4. OH!
    Are your Skylanders through the Wii, DS, etc?

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Ours are for the Wii, I think they have it for other gaming systems, but don’t think for DS, as you have figures and the portal stand that hooks up to it.

  5. I hope that your kids don’t read your blog! :) Man, if I ever have boys, I’m going to need some serious help – I’m not familiar with any of that boy stuff! Totally agree with you on not wanting big plastic toys around!

    My husband and I find it really difficult to buy gifts for each other too. Not just the money, but we both tend to kind of buy what we need throughout the year, so sometimes when we gift each other stuff it ends up being stuff we didn’t really need//want anyway. We’ve tried gifting tickets to a concert/play so that we DO something together instead of buying each other gifts, but it’s still nice to open a gift, ya know? And we have the same problem for anniversaries, birthdays, valentines, etc, etc. Anyway, haven’t come up with a great solution for this one yet.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I’ll hook ya up with the info on the boys! It is quite difficult to shop for each other. MY sweet hubby tries to surprise me, and sometimes it works out in his favor.

  6. Skylanders is also on my 6 yr. old son’s list, and I have no idea what that entails. My husband picked up the starter pack for him. He will also get a few pieces of misc. hockey equipment that he’s been wanting. My daughter’s list is non-existent. She just smiles and says she doesn’t know what she wants. I think we will be getting her a new leotard to wear to gymnastics and some games and puzzles. Not sure what else. I better get shopping – I can’t believe Christmas is almost here!


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