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Christmas card rambling

Oh me, oh my…I shoved 172 Christmas cards into the box at the post office yesterday.  I could hear a hallelujah chorus singing as I did so, but I couldn’t help but feel a slight anxiety:

Did I put stamps on each one? Did they all have a letter enclosed? Were the addresses correct for everyone? Will it really reach my hubby’s roommate that we’ve never heard back from? How many will be returned this year? How many won’t be returned, but they still won’t get it?  I’ll never know…

{pics taken with my phone, using instagram}

I LOVE sending and receieving Christmas cards this time of year. I’ve got lots of family, friends we’ve moved away from, and who have moved away from me. Some I see online, most I don’t. But there is nothing to replace a printed picture that I can hang in a spot I see often to remind me of the love I’ve been blessed to have in my life, and the people that have left an impression on me for the better. As I sealed each envelope with a big lick and my daughter slapped a “Merry Christmas” red sticker on the back, I had a quick recollection of each person. I maybe cut just a few…and added a few more. I do send a lot, and I don’t think I know more people than the next gal sending cards, but I enjoy adding to my list, and send out generously. I know how much it brightens my day to get a picture, even from my local friends.  However, I don’t mail to most of my local friends, I add our card in with a little hand delivered treat. But I can’t deliver a treat to everyone, so they at least get a card in the mail!

I did however mail to my 9 cute teen girls I teach at church.  They probably don’t get a lot of snail mail;) I also mail to clients from this year and last (still need to dig up a few addresses). I have 78 more cards with about 20 more to mail and the rest to distribute to teachers, friends, neighbors, and to keep one for each of my kids for their albums. Then a few for me…just in case…you never know (partial hoarder, maybe). I usually order from my pro lab, as I do for my clients, but this year…knowing I wanted 250 and wanting to save some pennies, I found a great deal on Vista Print for half off…and I even got a 6×9 card!  Woo hoo!  More space to shove more images on there.

I’ll share it with all y’all next week, gotta make sure it gets out there first;)

For now, I share this yummy recipe that was posted on MADE on Monday, in case you didn’t  hop on over there.

For a more step by step, check out the link above.

Christmas Crunch
2 reg. size bags or 1 large bag MINT M&M’s
1 bag pretzels sticks
1 package white almond bark

Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet before you prepare the other items. Melt the white chocolate at your preferred method (I use a glass bowl in the microwave for 1.5-2 minutes, stirring in the middle). Mix. Pour. Wait. Break. Eat.

P.S. Thanks for all the love on my holiday outfits yesterday.  Yeesh, its a bit awkward to take a bunch of pics of oneself and have a whole post all about me, but I SO enjoy seeing what others are wearing, and I actually get a lot of feedback from others that they like when I post that….SO, I’ll do it from time to time;)

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  1. im a little late with this comment from yesterday, mainly because im not a big “commenter” to people i dont know. but hey, what they heck. im not sending you a Christmas card so the least i can do is leave you a comment(both things i adore). i loved your outfits and how you added a little spice to each outfit but still didnt break the budget. and while i am at it, i LOVE all your pics and ALL your tips. i am a MWAC who LOVES photography and am trying my darndest to learn how to take better pics. so even though im not licking an envelope and sending it your way, i do hope you and your family have a merry Christmas and have time to enjoy God’s greatest gift to all of us!

  2. LOVE getting Christmas cards and letters too! You are so sweet to send all those out as I know I would love receiving one.

    Very cute outfits for your Wednesday post! And thanks for the recipe — sounds yummy.