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Christmas Decor at my Home

I wanted to share with you some pictures of how I decorate for Christmas. I’ve been collecting cute little Christmas knick-nacks for quite a few years now, and pulling them out to decorate brings back memories of the place in my life I was when I got them… many before I was married. I love the decorate in the traditional red and green with silver sprinkled in. I’ve seen beautiful hand made decor all over blog land, with varying color schemes that are breathtaking. It seems everyone has a whole new set of decorations each year, but I like the comfort and familiarity of my history coming out with the decor. So welcome to the Duke Home for Christmas!

We have two trees. Some people come into  our home and make mention of that as if it is super odd, but it doesn’t seem odd to me because my mom had about 10 trees in varying sizes. I think a lot of people have two, right?  Ok, maybe not. We go cut down a tree each year at a tree farm an hour away. My husband grew up with the fresh smell of pine trees at Christmas, and we’ve carried on the fun tradition. This year, I sweet talked him into purchasing a 12 foot pre lit tree. I’ve always wanted a super tall tree, and this being our 3rd Christmas in our home with a tall ceiling, it was a dream I was super excited to fulfill!

I got my olive wood nativity scene when I was visiting Jerusalem in college. I love it. I almost didn’t get it because I thought it was silly that I didn’t have a home to put it in, but so glad I did. These sell for $300 in the US, I got it for $40…the whole thing!

Oh look, it’s me…photographing my Christmas decor!
I love my tall tree!

I love my wrapping paper to be red, green, and silver. Crazy? I just look for those colors when I need new.

 View from the stairwell… I love the green buffet and our sliding barn door tv cover in the room to anchor the decor.

 I moved my tin foil table out of my office for the season so I had more table top for the extra decor. I found several new fun items last year at Pier 1 the day after Christmas. I might have to stop by again this year.

 We’ve had the Fisher Price Little People nativity for a few years, and my youngest has really enjoyed playing with it. We’ve also got Santa’s sleigh and reindeer, and sometimes I’ll find the wise men in the sleigh;) The singing stuffed animals make up the kiddie corner.
I made our stockings a few years ago, and my vinyl lettering supplier, Chatty Walls, created the “Joyful” quote for me. I love it.

 Merry Christmas! If you have a link to your Christmas home decor, I’d love to see it!
Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. LOVE it! So beautiful. My decorations mostly fall under the red/gold/copper colour scheme and I totally match my wrapping paper to my decor. We also have two trees, like you do. In our new house we have two large living spaces and we put our main tree up in the front living room. I love having it up there, but it felt like the back space wasn’t very Christmas-y so I’ve started putting a smaller tree up in the back. I think it is so fun to have all areas of the house decorated for the season.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Ok, good, glad to hear another 2 tree-er! I also like a tree showing through the front window, but our family room with main present tree is in the back.

  2. I love your decor Kristen! It feels so homey and classic… and SO festive! I’m with ya on using items that are collected over time… here’s the link to OUR Christmas decor!

  3. So fun and festive! I have a very similar round beveled mirror…and I love the tin foil table!!!

  4. So cute, Kristen! I love the tall tree, too- my parents have a tall tree in their family room that has a tall ceiling. :) I love how you have it right there in the middle of the house, reaching upstairs! :)

  5. Your home looks warm and inviting,

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thank you, Suzanne! I hope it is warm and inviting, and when it’s clean, it is MUCH more than well…most of the time when it is not;)

  6. I LOVE your green buffet and sliding barn door TV hiding thing. :) All the colors in your living room are great, and that big circle photo on the wall is really cool. I agree with you about tradition and decorating for Christmas. I like to put out familiar things, and I think it makes it more special for the kiddos too. I’ve added several new things this year, but there are certain things we definitely get out every year. Here’s a link to some of our Christmas decor:

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Jenny, I LOVE your Christmas decor. I already commented on that post, but I’m pretty sure I need to figure out how to get my hands on a mini chalkboard easel!

  7. You are not crazy! We have two trees too! A 12 footer in entry way and 9 footer upstairs! I was just thinking I’ll be kinda sad to see all the decor go away. Love the lights at night, just makes the house glow. Call me, I want to hit Pier 1 with you! :). Your house looks great! Merry Christmas!!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Ooh, Ok, lets go to Pier1! Ok, good, another 2 tree-er. I knew there were others out there! it is so much effort to put all the decor out, and just makes everything fun, it is sad to see it go away.

  8. You’re home looks beautiful…very festive and bright! I love the decorations, and especially love that nativity scene from Jerusalem-amazing! You’ve done a remarkable job of creating a space that’s elegant, yet looks comfortable enough for friends to feel right at home.

  9. I enjoyed my gift for writing on your blog in November….best one I got all year!!! (sorry to be vague people, but I don’t want to ruin it if others haven’t received theirs yet)

    • Kristen Duke says:

      yay, ashley, glad you love it! I did mail out all of them the same day, but that was thoughtful of you;) I’m thinking we are safe now. I plan to post about it on Monday probably;)

  10. I love your decor! I’m with you and love pulling out the same familiar Christmas decorations. Especially my ornaments that all hold such a special place in my heart. And my mom has done two trees for a few years so its not strange to me :)

  11. You have a ton of Christmas decorations!! Your house is just beautiful! Where do you store it all when it’s not Christmas time? I can’t wait to have a house big enough to put up a bunch of decorations. We don’t even have a tree this year in our tiny Italian home since it would take up half of our living room and my 1 year old would be hanging from it anyway. =) Thanks for sharing your pictures! Merry Christmas!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I’ve got a great attic storage! Christmas is in your heart, you don’t need a tree! A cozy Italian home sounds wonderful!

  12. I am hoping to have two trees next year, one for the kids and one for me. That is a super tall tree and I love the ladder next to it, so cute. And the barn door is awesome and love all the trunks! I don’t let myself buy too many things since we move so much (and all our Christmas decor was ruined in a flood 2 years ago) but this is what I came up with this year

  13. Joanna Sigman says:

    I absolutely LOVE the “joyful” sign. What a great reminder throuout the season. I’m a complete traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decos. My mom and dad gave each of us girls a dated ornament every Christmas to save for our own Christmas tree when we grew up. I Love putting them up each year and all the reminiscing that comes with it. We’ve done the same for our kids and I don’t think I could ever have a “pretty” tree without all the memories. :) of course, we may need to have 2 trees soon b/c our tree is getting VERY full. :)

    • Kristen Duke says:

      You know, I’m pretty sure my mom gave us ornaments each year, but I’m not sure where all of them are…maybe at her house still? I should do some research on that one;)

  14. Oh, it’s gorgeous, homey, comfy, classy, beautiful… can I spend Christmas at your house??? :D
    Have a merry, blessed, wonderful Christmas!

  15. You were fortunate to get that olive wood nativity scene for $40! When my husband and I visited the Holy Land in 2007 I wanted to buy one in Bethlehem, but they were hundreds of dollars.

  16. Your home is lovely and bright! Love your painted furniture and your decorations, especially the step ladder. I never thought that I would have an artificial tree either. When we lived in Hawaii I ‘converted’. The live trees there had to be shipped in from the mainland and by the time Christmas came around they would be so dry and such a mess – and a major fire hazard. This is the only holiday decoration that I made this year (and I am trying hard not to buy anything new): It is a nod to our proximity to the beach. I may keep it up all year!

  17. The colors throughout your home just make me feel happy!

  18. I love your tall tree…beautiful! We have two as well, you are not alone :-) And your nativity scene is amazing!! LOVE it! I’m thinking I might see you at Pier 1…those little guys were cute ;-)

  19. your home is so happy and full of joy! i love that red ladder by the tree0 it’s perfect!

  20. I love the decor you have. So fun ! I grew up in a two tree household, and my grandma also had two trees, so it’s seems very normal to me. My Christmas decorations are all ones I have collected over time. I don’t like to change it up year over year, since I love the tradition that Christmas can bring.

    And that nativity is fantastic! What a treasure! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Your home is so beautiful! I LOVE your big tree.

  22. Love all your holiday and regular home decor. That rug in the first shot is perfect! I’ve been on the hunt for a new area rug and love that one. Your holiday decor has inspired me to switch things up a bit next year!

  23. I had a neighbor who, on Thanksgiving evening, would light up 7 trees in their livingroom. One was all red, one gold, and the rest were traditional green. The smallest was four feet, the largest touched the ceiling. They left their inside door (they had a full length glass storm door) and window blinds open through the season to make sure everyone could see them. It was beautiful.


  1. […] I am a big believer in wearing red and green to Christmas gatherings. It’s just against my own personal moral code  not to. I’ve thrown in black, gold, or silver with just a touch of red or green sometimes, but you will never see me wear teal, orange, pink, or even turquoise to a Christmas event–even though I love those colors. I am LOVING the trend of hot pink and turquoise at Christmas, I even got those colors to decorate the tree in my girls room. But I just can’t do it in my holiday dress or in my main Christmas decor in my home. […]