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Chatty Walls Winner

I really wish everyone could win, but selected comment #5–Carrie!

Carrie said:

I’d love my baby girl’s name for her room. Her big sister Charley got her name in vinyl on her wall in her big girl room before her baby sister Andie was born – see we didn’t find out what we were having. Now that we have our 2nd little girl – she needs her name on her wall too.CONGRATS ON 7 YEARS!!Hopefully my business will continue…and be as successful as yours!! Thanks again for the help with my questions on the flash for the baptism.

Email me to claim your prize!

For everyone else, go to Chatty Walls and place your order.  Tell them you found them through Kristen Duke and receive 15% off your order.  I’d love to see what you end up getting!

Check back on Friday for Giveaway #2 in my 7 year Busini-versary month!

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