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Busini-versary Giveaway #5~Portraits

Dang, it’s late Friday night and I meant to have this posted this morning!  I will cut right to the chase….

I am offering 1 giveaway for out of  Austin, Texas dwellers and 1 giveaway for the locals. (That’s 2 giveaways).

In Austin (or willing to travel), I am giving a free mini session to the winner.  Along with the session, I will print 10 4×6 images with the accompanying disc.

For the out of staters–8×10 mounted landscape print of your choice.

In your comments, tell me where you live, and why you’d love a session with Kristen Duke Photography.

I will leave you with a shot from our family photo session last night…I can’t reveal too much until our card is sent in a few weeks….I had 3 photographer friends there (I know, a bit spoiled).  One making a video and 2 shooting.  This shot was by Katie Evans, still waiting on the images from the other two.

 Giveaway closes Tuesday, November 2nd at 5pm Central.

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  1. I live in Fort Hood, Texas. I would LOVE a session with my husband and daughter before he deploys in January!

  2. We live here in the area, as you know ;) I’ve always wanted to have you take our photos and we haven’t had a professional photo taken since before Scott was born!!!

  3. I would love a session, although I am not a local, because your work is stunning and I love how you capture special moments and peoples personalities so well.

  4. Of course you know I think you are an amazing photographer. I really wish I lived in Texas just so you could take my family pictures every year. I don’t suppose you see a trip to Colorado in your future?

    I have a trip planned to Texas in February. Think you could squeeze me in? =)

  5. Count me in! I’m in San Antonio… :)

  6. OK… delete my other comment b/c I didn’t answer your question! Talking on the phone and typing == me not being very attentive!

    OK, my family has NEVER had a family portrait done. EVER. My oldest is almost 13. Sad, huh? So, I’ll be crossing all my finger, toes, legs, arms, eyes… everything in hopes that we win this one. :) Oh, and we’re in San Antonio. :D

  7. pick me! :)

  8. We’re in WA but if we were closer I’d definitely have to do a shoot!

  9. Wish I lived close enough for my family to have a session, but we dwell in the great state of Iowa so it’s not likely. But I would be THRILLED with one of your landscapes. I’ve been drooling over the one under the pier for some time now.

  10. I live in faraway Chicago, and we’re in desperate need of a professional family shoot – Target just doesn’t cut it!

  11. i live and round rock and would LOVE a session because you are super talented. I love all the tips that you give…and if I don’t win one, I might have to buy one ;)

  12. I live in Idaho. I wish I was close enough to be lucky enough to have you take family photos for us! I would love one of your landscapes. You are such a talented photographer!

  13. I’d love to see what expressions you could get out of my kids!

  14. Erin Lugo says:

    Hi! I live in Pflugerville, Tx and I think a set of professionally taken family pictures would be an awesome gift for my mothers 45th birthday! I have looked at all of the pictures you have here on your website and you do awesome work! If I do not turn out to be the lucky winner, I will definitely still be wanting to have a session done! :)

  15. suzanne patton says:

    I’d love to have a session. Your work is fantastic!

  16. We live in Austin still, and we’d love to have another session with you. We treasure the photos you took of us almost two years ago. (Can you believe it’s been that long? I can’t!)

  17. You know I’m a big fan of your work; you capture everyone’s emotions beautifully! I would love to have that in a beautiful family photograph to display.

  18. We have never been able to afford a professional photographer and the last family picture we had was 2 years ago (taken by whoever was closest). I love your pictures and I would love to see you work your magic on my kids!

  19. I live in Denver but if I was closer and had a family I would jump at the chance to have you take our pictures. I would love a landscape print of yours!!

  20. Kristen!

    You are amazing for doing this! I am so excited/hopeful to see who the winner is. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this opportunity. I feel like you have traveled with my family in our journey from beginning to end. It all started here in Austin for our Engagement pictures. I still have one you did hanging in my Living Room. Then you traveled to Dallas to do our wedding. You were there to do my oldest daughters birthday. You have worked with my in my business ventures. But, the only thing you havent had the chance to do is our family. As you know we have added quadruplets and I would love for you to capture them (as it definetly has added dynamic to our family). The other thing you havent had a chance to do is my pregnancy pics. Since I am 16 weeks pregnant you would be able to capture that too! And all in one shoot :)! Whether I win or not, you are truly one of the best photographers I have seen! I love you!

    Jenna King

  21. I live in Austin, TX. My kids are 5 and 3 and we have no family portrait. My friends were teasing me the other day because I have a huge portrait of my 5 year old (from when he was 1) hanging over my fireplace. They were asking if my other child was jealous.

  22. I think I missed the date, but we live in the area and I would LOVE a session because I’m always behind the camera and it would be nice to have nice family pictures with me in them!…and YOU ROCK!!!