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Breakfast themed First Birthday

This was such a special party to attend, as I was able to witness and photograph his birth last year. His momma, one of my dear friends, also a photographer. We met 2 years ago when we were both on location shooting a session and quickly exchanged biz cards and got together later. I just love the sweet details from this party–chalkboard signs & and brunch complete with stacks of pancakes instead of cupcakes and muffins and pretend bacon and egg treats.

These stack of pancake treats were so adorable AND delicious!Bacon & Eggs, anyone?

The strawberry muffins below were SO SO yummy, I really need to get the recipe.Her husband just finished the tree fort in the backyard previous to the party. I simply adore it, and am begging my hubs to do the same thing in our yard. I brought my hubby and girls to the party (boys were home with extended family in town). Below is a great shot of my hubby laughing.  He just made a snide announcement that no camera’s were aloud as I chatted with me two photog buddings…I love this laughing shot of them…they thought he was pretty funny (see their camera’s?)My daughter has been asking about the tree swing or “park” in our backyard after this, so I think she will work some magic on my husband to build something like this swing.
Love these girls! Am I really that tall that Heather had to stand on her toes?  Tricia already had some extra height from her shoes (love them and her dress).

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  1. You definitely captured the birthday spirit!

  2. Laughing shots are my favorite. :)

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  4. tricia dunlap says:

    Awwwwww – you did such a great job!! love these pics you captured!

  5. I love your pictures! The party/pics looks magazine worthy! If you come back to Houson, I’m ready for your next level class! :)

  6. Cute party and great pictures!! I love your pants!

  7. I love ya, Kristen! You’re so cute. It was AWESOME hanging out with you!! These pics are darling, of course ;)
    xoxox, Kelli

  8. LOOOOVE that you blogged these! How is it that you blogged more photos from my baby’s Birthday than I did ;) Love you for that! I don’t think I’ve even made it through the several hundred images I have from you, Tricia and my own stuff. And that laughing shot of Tricia and I is cute – my cheeks hurt after the party I was smiling so much! And I’m on my toes in that last shot b/c yes, I felt like I should have been wearing heals next to you :) So blessed to have you attend the celebration one year after you were there for the Birth celebration! … and to show up with your camera! AMAZING friend you are!!!!